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Crisis dobies digital economy index report says digital purchases jumped almost fifty percent in April compared to the baseline period in early March before shelter in place restrictions went into effect a lot of people doing grocery shopping online is daily sales jumped almost a hundred ten percent between March and April meanwhile electronic sales were up almost sixty percent and book sales have doubled speaking of which Amazon says it's removed its wait list for online grocery deliveries and pick up in most cities E. commerce giant a month ago said new Amazon fresh and whole foods customers would have to sign up for an invitation to use those services and would be notified when they can shop Amazon says the change was due to unprecedented demand E. commerce company says eighty percent of eligible prime members are now able to shop for groceries online virtual Tony stark is coming this summer Sony says Iron Man VR that puts players inside Tony stark's iconic armor will be available for PSVR starting July third tech report Larry Olson NBC news radio I heart radio goes one on one with Taylor swift to hear about her songwriting process and the challenges she faces I like to write for about two years before I'm finished with an album because at this point I kind of know that whatever I write in the first year is gonna get thrown away because I'm going to like it but it's going to sound a little bit like the last project I had and in the second year usually ends up sounding like the next project it's harder to think of topics you haven't covered and think of new ways to say old emotions that everyone feels but that's the goal just keep listening to I heart radio for more of Taylor swift and all your favorite artists the federal tax filing deadline is now in July many people use online tax software to file their taxes but if your personal taxes are a bit more complex a professional tax preparer might be a better bet for your situation Tom wheelwright CPA and CEO of wealth ability says there's a lot of opportunities for saving on taxes that an individual won't find but your tax professional will be actually very inexpensive to hire a good patch quicker when they're saving you a lot more tax dollars then you're paying them in fact he will.

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