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S. and watch Chris Kreider jumped out of the shallow end of off of a pool if you fall yeah he's a ridiculous athlete and you know gore the Rangers got a poor decision to make and he is the hottest commodity on the NHL trade market you have the the avalanche that are interested the Boston Bruins are obviously interested we know the islanders reportedly are interested even though they're taking on water left and right every single game to a lesser extent the Washington Capitals have been interested in Chris Kreider and the St Louis blues are amongst the five teams that's a corner Bob McKenzie from in and he does a great job TS and the like that those are the five there in our Chris Kreider right now and he's a fantastic asset the thing it was Kreider is you look at his age a game with the size of the power in the speed that he plays with how long of a contract are you willing to go with with Chris cried there's no doubt that it works that he works he's had a great year how long you will want to go you will go six years at six at million power for Chris Kreider and sour crap world salary cap world the National Hockey League I I I don't know that's a decision that the aid that the Rangers have got to make here but if you can't reach a deal with them and they can't some to a long term deal you've got no other choice regardless of the fact that their six points out what twenty three games gonna say that makes it so hard but now he's on a building on his life yeah if you have a chance to do that right you keep them if you keep right and and that's in the Rangers have got a shot yeah they've got a shot if they keep on to make the playoffs but you can not let him walk and not sign it it's either yeah if you don't sign him you have to treat him up more by Monday three call I agree with you but I find the Rangers I'm leaning toward saving up and keeping up yeah and I'm and I'm all for him because you heard from Kevin Weekes told me unicorns you know it's just not often that talent like that you know let alone that you find it let alone the E. keep it we know how talented Chris Kreider is but we talk about the rebuilding on the fly there only six points out of the playoffs this could be one of those unique circumstances in sports where you don't have to like bottom out at any point and you can just sort of keep things rolling you know and and and get there a lot faster I think was just thirteen two I think that that's created a new sense of urgency you realize what he is yeah it's like okay now you know you're not looking for any kind of net minder you're not worried about who the heir apparent to Hank is going to be you got a let's go yeah and he is not he is not good he is brilliant right at twenty three twenty four he is an unbelievable young netminder that was a star in the KHL the Rangers thought very highly of and he has been as good as you thought he could be here in the NHL early on and let me say that I would say you know what I said eat enough to bottom out for like years you don't have to go in and and and that's a credit to Gordon the Rangers of what they have done here and really we talk about yeah we're talking a couple weeks and he was saying well you have to communication is a key what do you like it or not the Rangers were open and on that letter fan base by sending out that letter and saying familiar names are gonna go you have to understand it but in the end and what they have done Maggie over here whether paid training two second round draft choices the Carolina for the for for Adam fox whether it be the deal that they just made you know training from their defensive depth and and a young prospect apt to bring in a power when you're in golf the A. from Carolina who is that I believe the twenty first overall pick in his got a high amount of upside another guy that's a size and speed and power guy at six four they've done an unbelievable job of drafting and and they've got some Mrs but restocking that farm system and bring in players they've got there are one of the youngest teams in the National Hockey League and they are loaded with young talent the phones Richie is in New Jersey Richie what's happened thank you what happened when it was the right thing right right yeah a little hockey on the radio well a year for the Rangers well I think first of all if you didn't have a done deal but it wouldn't be no decision on.

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