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Radio sports talk host here in seattle no longer has a job mitch levy says his twenty three years on the air it k jr is officially over this comes after he edited alford plea this week on a charge of patronizing a process the toot sale time says levy was arrested during an undercover prostitution sting in bellevue six weeks ago on thursday he was sentenced to two years of probation alford meat and alford plea means that he does not admit guilt but acknowledges there is sufficient evidence for a conviction the origins of a brush fire threatened to dave hooded graham yesterday's raising suspicion fire investigators are talking to a 15yearold any 14yearold who live near where it started the fire moved close to the home of matthew garcia so i went to the said come barreling out over the the lawnmower twohove daria heresy and his family evacuated with others in the neighborhood rain helped douse the fire everyone is back home this morning komo news time is now thirty four coming out what's with all the truckers on strike will explain coming up in just a moment first let's check aaa traffic every ten minutes off john nelson pull collusion 169 northbound at four hundred street in enumclaw using froth getting cleared out of the roadway with a collision involving a car in a motorcycle through ignorance who tricked there a collision on the shoulder highway 18 westbound a warehouse away still distraction left wave vita appears shut down for the weekend and i5 picking up the slack looking at some heavy traffic northbound i 5 from west seattle bridge through the convention center next report at nine forty four i'm john nelson komo news seth wayne has leather mostly cloudy skies dominate the weather forecaster daytoday skies well yeah they're going to remain cloudy through the evening hours as well showers are likely not only through the morning but into the afternoon and evening with those temperatures in the up per 50s be in the upper 40s overnight and early tomorrow morning at skies turned sunny by tomorrow afternoon i'm seth wayne in the komo weather center at the moment we got some scattered clouds of the area and fifty two in downtown seattle komo news time is nine thirty five in a.

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