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Voice is rising to serve justice party is lost its vision and we're going to replace it with a vision goldman show this is a fight we can win the home of fierce independence intelligent dialogue and passionate logic is right here right now we're seeing a growing credibility yap here in washington this is the dispenser of fairness this is the unfiltered truth this is norman goldman or you could say that again we're seeing a growing credibility gap here in washington that's former speaker john boehner that several years ago and so times haven't changed that much but thank you so much being with me right here where we serve justice daily it is the norman goldman show rick our lawyer friend here in la is holding over with us we began having rick is having fun and i i don't blame him he's having fun with the spectacle that unfolded today in the house of representatives i mean it was a disgrace and by the way one of those disgraceful congressman on display today all republicans jim jordan of ohio and i hope you remember that name or heard that name jim jordan of ohio he's the guy who has now been accused i hope i have the number eight seven seven former wrestlers at ohio state university said that jim jordan new and a couple of them saying i told him directly jim jordan coleman liars they're saying jim jordan knew that they had been molested by the team doctor and jim jordan didn't do anything about it now nancy pelosi nancy pelosi you know she is is she is the house minority leader the leader of democrats in the house she now is politicizing that and that is our latest post on our social media sites the norman goldman show on facebook at normangoldman on twitter and that is i'm gonna leave that one up a while because i want to make that a giant national scandal is a giant national scandal joe paterno you remember him right wasn't that penn state nittany lions joe paterno career was destroyed because jerry sandusky and assistant coach under his under his supervision the the university's employee under his supervision right the jerry sandusky was molesting all kinds of boys and several boys bunch of boys and joe paterno knew about it did nothing this is the same situation jim jordan is a republican christian family values bible thumping bozo and so it's one standard applied to all evenhandedly so since the republicans of politicized everything where were the hearings on the four dead in nizhny air i haven't heard a peep about the four dead in this year but i sure heard a lot about the four dead in benghazi when we are politicizing the deaths of soldiers it's a disgrace our nation is falling apart and it's up to us to put it back together again and that's that was in the first hour you could ever free commercial free of course normangoldman dot.

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