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So imagine the quality of salon color and the convenience in affordability of at home. Hair-color plus an ammonia free formula with ingredients. You can feel good about. You'll look like you just came from a salon and you'll save all that time and money experienced beautiful multi-dimensional hair-color made in Italy delivered to your door for under twenty five dollars. Join the hundreds of thousands of women and find your perf. Shade at Madison dash Reed dot com. Madison Reed would like to honor something you should know listeners with ten percent off plus free shipping on their first color kit. If you use the promo code something, that's the promo code something at Madison dash Reed dot com. Something you should know, fascinating Intel, the world's top firts and practical advice you can use in your life today. Something you should know Mike Carruthers. Hey, hi, welcome to episode one hundred and ninety five of the something you should know podcast closing in on two hundred episodes I up today. If you've ever had to negotiate salary, you know, it can be stressful in difficult. So here some proven strategies that can help you actually get what you want or know that at least you got the best you could. First of all, don't go face to face until you absolutely have to a study, found that in face to face negotiations, the more powerful person usually wins. When you ask for a raise from your.

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