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Beauty the senate minority leader did support the program when it was signed into law by george herbert walker bush but in 2013 schumer was part of a group of senators that unsuccessfully tried to scrap it the president or to stop tweeting and start leading the american people long for leadership not device of nece not fingerpointing not name calling tennessee republican bob corker agreed and i don't know but you're right hand away some examples of fake ads created by russians and posted on social media released today by congress cbs's juliana goldman says the probe into election meddling continuous air richard burr the republican chairman of the intelligence committee said the ads were only a small element of russia's disinformation campaign just which also included free posts and reached more than a a third of the us population the original estimate that ten million americans were exposed russian origin content on facebook was increased to one hundred twenty six million facebook and twitter told the committees the russian posts were a fraction of overall content but facing the crosshairs of congress they also said they are investing in tools to prevent what happened last year from happening again like making it easier to determine who is behind the ads you world series game seven in la cbs's steve vitamins watching steve both teams have been aggressive so far that's right dave it's the final game of the baseball season right now in the second inning the houston astros have taken an early twonothing lead over the dodgers and the astros her threatening to score more the astro runs came in the first the dodgers had a chance to score in their half of the first la loaded the bases with two out but could not bring home a run also tonight a cooling of tensions houston hughley gourriel facing the.

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