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And then Garrett hartley who signed and then got injured the week after eventually leading to the trade for a josh gobi. Everyone's favorite era and steelers lately. Six summer twenty seventeen seasons fifteen or sixteen but at all. Of course that. Lets chris boswell. But i don't want chris boswell getting hurt on all and we. I forgot the. We picked up a kicker just to kick and campus of sam sloman Formerly of los angeles rams okay and that that's another interesting battle not not with boswell vases demand but with with berry in press press presley arvy. I'm looking forward to seeing that one. Too i mean can can impress lee harvey very out. We thought we got very last year. He's he's snakes his way. Back in the jeff hartmann senior editor on curtain always says finds way back. He's like a cockroach that just will not go away right. I think this might finally be the year that we see that brand new punter for the pittsburgh steelers. It's taken a lot. But i think we finally got there. Of course knock on wood. They're still coming weeks. But i have low conferences. Can you think that have to have asked to be the cases. They used a draft pick on opponent. I mean you you think harvey we get every consideration. Now they won't just give it to them but because they drafted them if they're ranked one a and one b harvard's probably one right. Now i would agree with on my thoughts behind the counter battle. It's kind of interesting. Like i would say if it's fifty fifty if they're completely down the middle even i still go with harbin because you know jordan berry tends to flop when the weather gets cold and you don't know that's kind of an unknown with presley carbon. The third and pressing harvard in years past in college has had a better average of better punting average so those those numbers would suggest and like jordan very kind of collapsing late in the year. I would give the shot to the younger kid. It's just time the steelers need good punting and it. It's been bad for far too long. And it's been bad in in crucial moments. Long i believe is a dallas cowboys. Game in twenty four seventeen or two thousand sixteen was during berry just the ball hits the side of his foot tenure net punt out wins a game. But you know it just. That's the game. Zeke elliott took screen pass and win like eighty five yards on. Yeah right in the end there ryan. Yeah so it's about time for the pittsburgh steelers to have some good ponting. But as i look at the clock here we are at our halfway point tape before we let you go. Is there anything you want to plug for the people. I know nothing all man. Just let me know we we we have. This is new. Know it alls podcast. We talk about a multitude of different sports and things like that so you just check it out on youtube. No all podcast facebook. The nordahl podcast group. Join and just check us out. Awesome great stuff No there's a ton of great interviews on your platform as well And straight from the horse's mouth. Brian anthony davis will will try to get to take more involved in the rotation here as the weeks. Go on of course. A great steelers mine. Were always looking for those. So take. Thank you so much for hopping on with me tonight. Thanks man already so everyone. That's listening on facebook and youtube right now to stay put. We'll switch over to part to if you're on the podcast platform side. Just hang out for a click over to part two. Now you'll be able to catch the second half of your enemy right now. Mom support for.

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