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Of the franchise. What has kept you in your folks? Most busy, and what will keep you busy. Let's say over the next six months. While we signed up for a heck of a workload. Letter. We're not ready or not. In the fall of twenty twenty one. Fox gonna drop but the building six months earlier in that day to be wasted. We've got. World class staff we've got to build this. Serena we've got to pick a team. So there's a lot of work to be done. And I'm afraid that that holiday than promising. My wife's probably not in the cards for a little while here. I know there are a lot of questions they obviously people very curious about what the name will be in when and how that decision will be made lex talionis colors as well. Just talk about that. Overall process of branding your franchise and not only the importance of making a connection with the community. But you guys are no different than anybody else. You want to sell a lot of merchandise. Something that's going to have appeal, right? Well, some of that is the commercial aspect, but I always think that the brands are you build a brand authenticity and a feeling of somebody said to me the other day. Wouldn't it be cool? If you had a general manager on in place before you actually landed on a final name. You know? So it's a really interesting process changes in his dynamic by the day. But we're gonna land on a team name is gonna make everyone proud more than making her fans proud. Ultimately, the players are going to be proud to pull that jersey on represent Seattle. And but I think sometimes twenty nine and we're gonna roll out the name, and I'm really excited, and you know, it's a little bit of a parlor game in my house. We talking about. But we're listening, and we're we're still in that listening tour, and we attend to be on it for a good while Sanders owner Adrian our part of the ownership group, apples and oranges. I know we're talking soccer versus hockey. Is there anything in discussions? You had with Adrian. Provided some insight into lanching an expansion franchise in Seattle. I the Sounders made the playoffs every year they've been existence. Adrian is. You know what he's done? We hope to chief some part if someday. So we have great admiration,.

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