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After from five twenty A. M. to six twenty PM you know as long as we've been talking about almost as long as even talk about sexually abusing priests then of course cardinal Mahoney and the archdiocese and all that went on there we've been talking about the brown dog L. wow yeah the brown dog goes out you should have twelve years old nineteen ninety eight it's taxpayer molestation exactly it's just about the same thing you get we get bent over in it in a story today that it's hard to even get worked up over anymore because it's it just happens all the time they announced another billion dollar cost over one billion dollars so now they're fake new total is over eighty billion dollars to go from San Francisco to LA remember the original high speed rail was gonna go all the way down to San Diego I'm really gonna be thirty three billion yeah the original price tag was thirty three billion now it's eighty billion and obviously this is an extremely low ball estimate the real price is going to be if they did it yeah because their number yet it would be well over a hundred billion dollar reserve member after the ballot measure passed and he came out with the real number of a hundred million and everybody was aghast they did some trimming and cutting in did they called it blended and he tried to cut the figure back but we're getting there we're getting towards a hundred million our way yeah it is eighty two eighty billion dollar number yeah we are and they said no drain point three billion dollar boost but I know they don't you know it's a smaller boost than in previous years whatever all these are all fake numbers anyway yeah okay a bit because there every year their numbers been wrong every year they've added more which means every year is but a fake number the original number was fake and thirty three billion this is fake eighty billion it is yes and they know it's fake by comparison there twenty sixteen number was sixty four billion you can see in just a couple of years the growth sixty forty or fifty number them right then it was seventy seven billion in twenty eighteen now it is eighty billion but here's how the game is played they know this thing is going to take decades to build out they're not going to give the whole price tag increase in one year that'll cost too much of a storm it may really get shut down right they announced you know it's really gonna be a hundred forty billion will get shut down and since I know this will go on for decades every year there at a billion than two billion three billion Parramatta last year right so my time you get to twenty forty five it will have gone up to a hundred and forty billion or a hundred and fifty billion yeah and then most of the people who voted for it in two thousand it will be dead anyway so it would be nobody to complain I if you want to keep laughing they do believe the new plan says and we San Francisco to LA by twenty thirty three yeah yeah it now they they somehow they once a day go they lost Sacramento they lost Anaheim they think that they're gonna as the get the high speed rail link between Silicon Valley in the Central Valley only pushed back to twenty thirty one they they really eighteen months to twenty thirty one could be a lot course quoting here comes from the the head of the rip off artists the this Kelly guy what's his for writing it bride Kelly Ryan Kelly who says oh no it's too late to turn back now we don't think that now is the time to turn back of course you don't because you're you've got a six figure salary at stake here he's managed to keep this going for twelve years yeah because they do you know that they got they got ten billion dollars to borrow and then they got three billion from a bomber and then they stole hundreds of millions of dollars from the fake global warming tax right wrist trump is trying to scratch back that money they're going to spend every single penny that they can get before they admit defeat John can yeah we got we got the a coronavirus update coming was visiting stories KFI Dever Marquez's LA city councilman has rolled out the blueprints for his plan to house everyone we need a homes guarantee.

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