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And because the role of these it seems to me that over the years the sam donaldson kind of aggressive news person is being replaced by a new breed of news people like this lady april ryan now keep in mind sarah sanders was calling on another reporter april ryan didn't care didn't slow her down aware that this is shooting and not about disrespecting the flag is the president is the business there's an underlying issue just keeps walking about disrespect of the flying and soldiers there are black and brown soldiers that fight the military as well who feel and taking a knee bringing the tension to police involved shootings and something is this one how should deal with is the president aware the taking the knee is about police involved shooting the president has made his position crystal clear and that it's about i let you rudely interrupt me and your colleague i'm gonna ask they want to allow me to finish my answer i would be happy to answer it if you would stop talking long enough to let me do that the president has made his position crystal clear on this topic he feels strongly that standing for our national anthem is something that we should do something that matters to what makes our country special and unique and what sets us apart he's not going to waiver on that he's not going to apologize for it and frankly more than seventy percent of americans agree with him on that matter if you go back to what the original intent was this has been made a political argument of which the president is not going to back down from and he's been clear on stephen last question deal with addressed you're not going to continue engaged with steven nelson telling people they have to say we'll the president deal with the issue of police involved shooting i'm going to deal with the issue of addressing your colleagues question the president in comeback saving go ahead peter the obnoxiousness of this lady who wanted to give a speech rather than being news person just blows my mind but i but i ask you as a news person and you've covered the.

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