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Fifty to a hundred feet visibility self take extra care there no back up no metering like to slide all the way across the upper deck on the bay bridge well if you're not seeing the fall you're seeing a lot of sunshine it is clear for the most part highs today will top out in the low to mid fifties but the clouds will thicken late in the day showers late tonight and for a Christmas morning but the rest of your Christmas day should clear up I'm Ripper card and Armstrong and getting this is the best it is my belief that the election is now a referendum on Joe Biden's mental capabilities it's just that if he if he reaches the bar of acceptable good enough to be president he wins if he doesn't he lives as I think it that's just where where I think that's what all the the commentary and and and jabs from opponents are going to be from here on out you think it's it's now out in the open yeah it's shelf full on narrative not even as much with who in Castro's completely DB move during the debate I have the senator Cory Booker going on CNN in calm tone saying look a lot of us are concerned sometimes when we hear Joe talking in a sort of all over the place yeah what I said Hey Astor when they're not he's the guy that can actually get the ball across the finish line right I think that's just the conversation now and came here can't I just those written a piece from Rolling Stone that I remember when they would write about guitar players in getting high on drugs but they were talking about how well it of course this whole thing has these some from the trump is racist everybody knows he's a racist and white supremacy is on the rise and bottle out that whole narrative which is mostly bonk but anyway having assume that they said look we need somebody who's really sharp at the anti racist thing to run against trump to draw the contrast to make him look like a move in the rest of it they said by name tag guy I mean they don't the the most floundering he ever gets is when he's trying to talk about race in his record and that sort of thing as witnessed by the debate which was Sir I mean it's just at times bizarre as he rambled on and on you know what I think it's a pretty good point well in the last hour hearing their perspective the first hour is pretty good so it's just you know don't have month stage for three hours I guess well it was a bad news well so getting back to corn pops where does this clip come from in the ongoing a search for information about what causes brain by things right after corn pop put lucky charms in the hospital for like six weeks and really establish himself as a bad did happen crunch was out on leave so there was a lot of listeners about right right Tony Tigers always have and ran for the hills but which just shows you how bad a dude corn populace so where does this come from I I've been this is from twenty seventeen I don't know the exact circumstance of the event but he seems to be some sort of park talking about a swimming pool that I believe he used to be a life guard and he was giving a speech fund raiser type thing I learned a lot I learned that day it makes a difference this was the diving board error and I was one of the guards and they were allowed to choose a three meter board if you fell off side where you landed on the dance or the dark cement over there it was a bad news and he ran a bunch of bad borders and I did yeah and back in those days shot things to change one of the things that we use if you use palm made your hair you have to wear baggy cap it sure is up on the board one list measure Hey Astor you off the board rock come up and drag you all weight came off any said on meet outside my car this was mostly this is Ralph public housing behind it my car was a gate on here I parked my car outside the gate hi he said I'll be waiting for years right bird three guys you straight razors not a joke there's a guy named bill right mouse the only white guy he did all the polls he was the mechanic and I said well I'm not going to do is to come down here in the base we're about halfway through who I'm trying to stay with it because it sounds like an interesting story he just jumps around a little lot of characters and I said well I'm not going to do is to come down here in the basement where mechanics where where all the bull builder if you know the chain needs to be changed one across the defense boy he cut off a six foot love to change the phone let me see you walk out with that change and you want their card say you may cut me mad but I'm gonna wrap this chain around your head I said you're kidding me now if you don't don't come back and he was right so I walked out with the change I walked up to my car that most of the people bustling in the background where the hell is a story realize their kids here right year kids voices in his whole razor there I had a slice you and you're gonna change and then the kids are going to have nightmares wow bill I walked up to my car finance dept those days used to member the straight right you're buying a moniker Milano rusty put him in a rain barrel get a rusty one what's a good John John rating is straight razors rusty so you're like in th giving you your opponent an infection houses Lasham if you think that is a tough man it's a heck of a story if you could tell it better and I had stepped those days used to map of the straight red you're buying a moniker get a rusty put him in a rain barrel just read a rusty some your palm in on data but I was smart then I said first of all I said well I tell you get off the board to get off the board not kick you out again but I should have called you Esther Williams I apologize I apologize but I know that Paul is you're going to work okay I didn't catch that we will because he didn't make it clear out I don't know Hey ask her that was a Esther Williams is a famous female swimmer so that was a bathing cap alright yeah a famous movie so now I get the estimate for is anyway time you like from the forties sort of I'm sorry very scroll what the hell did that come from a duty of what I should do Williams that's pretty for me and I apologize that I will chase so I brought my apology change cut me with your rusty razor when I well I apologize but I know that Paul is you're going to work he said you apologize to me I thought I apologize for not for thrown out follow Josh what I said is it OK close a straight razor my heart begin to beat again in that story time with uncle Joe and I went down the street yeah just to stay in practice and that's why you should vote for prop thirty two for a night of bowling you know I read daisy on mom I read this book about politics of mention many times the greatest book ever written about elections called what it takes but it's got a biography of all these different candidates and it happened to be nineteen eighty eight so Joe Biden was English and he was a kid in school so he grew up a rich kid when he was really young and then his dad lost his job and they ended up being completely poor overly and move into a bad neighborhood which part of what you know informs his view of the world rich versus poor in the different life in the way you're treated non stop yeah but he was a tough guy and and and and kids would to get out of fights and say I'm friends with Joe Biden and people be like okay well I'm out Ben while he was with his rap at the time I didn't know he was getting to chain night fights plus the knife fights it is it banging on the curb breed put it in the rain Meryl I need the right I mean what's a rain barrel just to get a rusty so you know you need to give them a number of different infections so we had an Esther Williams blast a rain barrel comments to go with his record player comment from Thursday night so he Hey Esther his references are gonna become part of the of the entertainment yes yes one whole but that's just an age thing that's not I'm crazy thing the rambling part she like I like I like I keep saying in on a Friday morning was if he goes on one of those that that last answer he gave in the debate the long rambling record player send men to the homes and by the way Venezuelan what are we talking right now how does trump responded that I think from just turn the cretin sits back right everybody just goes crazy right just rolls his eyes if that had been the first half hour of the debate I think the conversation would be very yeah but you know it's funny I was just about to bring up the fact that I was gonna say the vast majority of voters a huge huge number of voters did not watch the debate correct or did not get that far into the debate and those of us who are really into this in the echo chamber and we just can't enjoy politics were so much more aware of it and and critically interested in it and then on election day when it comes down to a a binary choice that sort of thing will probably vanish into the mess and I say probably because that's sort of rambling nonsense he issued forth the last half hour that's a sign of something yeah that and we'll see more of it yeah that was a big like a slipper gaffe that you can recover right brushes who he is right that's who is going to be for that said Hey Astor the Venezuelan records will clean up the black community you're listening to the best of the Armstrong and forty five AKG of all back to Emeryville and checking on traffic with KGO clerk read four children autobody crackers yes in an accident near Sears point he's about thirty seven of four like bill highway car into the guardrail there was ghettos.

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