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She had no idea who that was and i started to look through the file cabinets of who we were shipping chairs to they were shipping chairs to designers like giorgio armani and terence conran and hip entrepreneurs like ian schrager wealthy tastes makers had discovered the beauty of these indestructible navy surplus chairs greg suddenly realized that emiko could sell to what was mostly an untapped market i just felt right at that time if we can shift our focus from government sales to focus on architects and designers that would be an opportunity for us to take this thing and turn it around greg bookbinder definitely turned things around today emiko makes new chairs with architects and designers like norman foster frank gehry and philippe starck and the original ten oh six navy chair has become one of the most iconic chairs in the world you've definitely seen it before it's an all kinds of movies and tv shows it can be seen in the matrix and avatar an upholstered version shows up in the dark night when batman interrogates the joker it's the chair uc and seen set in prisons and police stations it's also a goto chair for fancy restaurants and art galleries and co working spaces it's everywhere but not all of these chairs are emiko chairs a lot of them are knockoffs fakes how can you tell the real oh easily you can see the slot at the bottom at curves see the bottom slat last month benjamin walk me around new york city showing me both real in fake and moco chairs like the fancy diner filled with real emiko chairs near his apartment in the east village it has nice chairs and would and it's full of people they look wealthy.

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