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Experienced like for you yeah i think because so jessica and i match iskoe williams we matt four years ago this july and i think because we always had that really kind of like live element when we did a podcast knows i four hundred people in and if you've been to the house in brooklyn even though it's like a bigger spaces still feels really intimate yeah um and so jessica never really serve adamant about keeping that is we were worried i know i was i think probably even more so than her i was worried that like the intimacy of a podcast and vienna someone's ear while they're on a road trip or you know working at the gym like that's going get lost in translation once you're on a platform like hbo and its you're doing a bigger theor like king's theatre is three thousand people and um nearly have cameras and everything in you know hair make up a wardrobe it's like the more you add to the morgue economy gets away from what it was originally but i think what was great as when you know jessica and i we were like we obviously one have taken taro dragged is only sat down with her because she you know as the standing committee has directed other people's santa specials so i think who made a transit china hbo because he has someone like her nozzle affect the age bills really adamant about us just keeping what we do best in the park hazardous elevating it here we really sort of you know khanna who skipped over ain't sort of typical mistakes you have once you transi for one platform to the next the core of what makes this such a beautiful show is you and jessica's relationship i wanted listen to it over to you from the podcast okay thavee yup serious question which nicholas cage would you like family man nicholas cage prisoners on a nichols day ghost writer exclusively allow just kidding just kidding there are very few movies that i've walked out on goes rider was my general air i mean what about like khan air great movie could push to burn it back in the box ending with the long hair like he had a knee then before was a call for why deeds to where we use our here we go we would you call it extensions that's just like.

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