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So it's difficult for great rage by Patrick, but also a great writer Barry O'Neil. Very good writers. He was so gutted that he hadn't noticed that Patrick had put his hand out to him. But then he did afterwards of a ten seconds later. You could see it was just, I mean, it has to be a crushing moment. Yeah, last thing to disappointment, you know, you'd be lasting a disappointment, especially when you give a horse a top pass ride. It will last in the disappointment and Patrick was obviously writing a lot of confidence. He had a winner on the last rate, the national chess, and statler. So he's writing a lot of confidence, Patrick. So. That can often be the difference, you know? That could often be the difference. And he put two very good horses, hopefully David Christie will get his day in the sun and Barry on the next year. And congratulations to everyone there really. That's all I have on the whole. Two things to wrap it up. We got a flying discipline from Patrick Mullins in the champion chase on shotgun first of all, and then we get a flying dismount in the winner's enclosure. As well. Sorry, Patrick, I just couldn't help myself. Lord schnitzel, he travels so strongly put him in your tracker for punches down. I think he'll run a massive race there. LMA was second in the mayor's chase last season to the massively informed ko revi who was having her final season. And it was all there. It was, I mean, it was right there in front of us. I don't know what happened either, but Mark Walsh gave LMA a terrific ride. I think Johnny ward was a bit critical, which got a strong stare from Katie young. And he said, oh, you went too wide. I tell them last year when Cory V one, I don't think anything was stopping color review that day. I don't think anyone was too amused with that. He was getting the cold shoulder for the rest of the night. But terrific stuff from Mark Walsh in this occasion, particularly when venetia Williams and Charlie Deutsche was riding like a man possessed and has been all season was bearing down on them with scarlet and dove right there as well. It was a tremendous finish to the race. And great for Mark to get another shot in the winter to Darren. Yeah, look, I didn't get involved. We spoke about it on the morning and I said that I was taking a watch him brief in relation to how Gordon's horses were going. Mandela was on my short list for a long time and. She was really kind of there. I.

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