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Oh uh don't worry about it oh man is this ever sweet uh we had a law roximately plant uh someone who was my doing some of it was obviously uh oversight but i don't want for only one under the bus right now a good for nothing socio was a term l'amateur he didn't even spill a whole peril so that was integrating some new for two thousand seventeen make social commentary with the sound from 1992 socia i think stephane was right command performance and this and this morgan's perlak giant what did you make allen of the appearances of wade boggs roger clemens who's rocking like a kind of interesting hair style tattered up jose conceicao do you think that that those fellas acquitted themselves well i think they did they kind of poked fun at themselves and know made a comment about homer making hall of fame and said something like you know evidently you have to be animated to get in and you know obviously clemens as is probably a little bitter about that and canseco made a joke about playing naturally about home homer hitting all those home runs naturally so at least they had a sense of the moment i mean they were willing to deliver the lines and they showed a sense of humor which would for these guys who particularly clements who was such an asshole what's kind of refreshing and malachowski is peace i think it was all of the writers were talking about just how much they loved steve sacks yeah which was kind of surprising that he was like the most handsome and genuine a nice did so at the hall of fame in may i went to the mock induction ceremony and there was a five or ten minute little exchange with a simpson's writers and steve sacked about how goodlooking he was and it was a little it went on a little too long put it that way they were enjoying themselves and i mean these guys ozzie smith i think i talked to him at at that event and he said that the top questions he gets are he still do a flip and what was it like being on the simpson's and you know that's just the power of the show i think and sack says that he's grateful for the simpson's because it's made people forget that he couldn't throw a.

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