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Listening to traffic reports this week may have noticed that fatality crashes were definitely a frequent reminder of all the thing all the accidents that are going on in the area, a total of eight traffic related deaths were documented and investigated and King County in seven consecutive days. WS pieces to women. Who died early Friday on state route eighteen make the thirty seventh and thirty eighth life lost since January first of this year, the state patrol says six of the eight lives lost this week where the result of drivers operating vehicles while under the influence of alcohol drugs or medication. No classes tomorrow for some students in Pierce county. Investigators trying to figure out what caused a fire at a school in Pierce county. It happened at Bethel acceleration academy and spanaway near pack avenue and one hundred and sixty seconds streak sending smoke and flames shooting through the roof. Firefighters say that everyone. Fortunately, here was able to get out of the building. Nobody hurt crews say the skull though, that's going to be closed on Monday. That's komo's Michelle Esteban. The city of seatac has a new council member after one of its members step down leaving an empty seat. Amina Ahmed was appointed to fill the vacant position. Five council seat, the council says it interviewed twelve applicants before deciding on a med. She's been a resident of seatac for five years in his own. Her business there since two thousand two Ahmed will be sworn in on October twenty third short term health insurance plans that do not comply with ObamaCare could become more common. Now that you were senators led by Washington's Patty Murray have failed to stop them. The update from komo's Corwin Hake. The short term plans depart from the Affordable Care Act in that they need not cover preexisting conditions. And Murray says that's not all it gives insurance companies even more power to avoid covering important medical needs like emergency care, mental health care, prescription drugs or even maternity care. Supporters of these limited plan say they're a great low cost alternative for people who don't have pre existing conditions and don't need maternity care Murray, urged her Senate colleagues to pass a resolution overturning President Trump's order. Allowing customers to be covered by such plans for three years instead of the three months allowed under ObamaCare. The vote could not have been closer fifty fifty. But without a majority. The resolution fails and the presidential rule takes effect. Corwin hake. Komo news. Protesters clashed in downtown Portland during a March for law and order yesterday. Police say the organizers didn't have a permit and marchers were holding weapons. Police in riot gear had to break up the March that was organized by patriot prayer the group was protesting police tactics and mayor Ted Wheeler they were met by counter protesters halfway into the March. They were pepper sprayed and objects were thrown..

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