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Not wanting to write the same story twice or the same type of book twice and wolf said in a letter about the curse of writing modernist novels i have to create the whole thing afresh for myself each time. Probably all writers now are in the same boat. It is the penalty. We pay for breaking with tradition and the solitude makes the writing more exciting though the being read less so one ought to sink to the bottom of the sea. Probably in live alone with one's words which is an auspicious or inauspicious. End to that quote But yeah the sense that you you can't just write a bunch of novels like this and have the be part of a series like wouldn't you couldn't just have a whole series of mrs dalloway novels that function this way which is interesting. I think mrs dalloway showed up and a number of short stories by wolf after this book was published but No this is not like you. Don't this isn't the seven th in a romance syria. This is not genre fiction all right. So i've told you about the opening of this book. Andrew and i'm glad that you did okay gonna do the plot as it were because i didn't know a win to bring this up but you'd like struggling to decide whether you think the plot. The book has applauded. Reminds me of this hub article. I found called the thirty six. Best one star amazon reviews of mrs dalloway. No and it's a lot of. It's this article is a joy to breed because there are a lot of people being critical of the book and not having a plot and then they're like one or two like virginia woolf reply guys who are popping up all these negative reviews to t- there's one guy named dvd easy. Yeah that's indeed who keeps popping up to tell people how wrong they are. And they don't like mrs dalloway but anyway my favorite of these referred to mrs dalloway as quote as bad as faulkner. Just being very wordy and verbose and all kinds of just like coming at you and be in sort of vague and shapeless and so so yeah when we talk about the plot of the book understand that that is not widely understood to be the point of the book or like why you read the book. No so let's talk about the plot. And i'm sure it won't take long is what i'm saying. Yeah clarence is going to buy some flowers for a high society party that she's thrown and she's going to explain it all the somebody and then a man comes in through her window. There is a a window feature in this book. I wonder if clarissa explains it all got her name from clarisa dalloway. That's interesting maybe four. It's not interesting because it's not true. We'll never know no one it up ever clears. The dow is buying flowers. She's walking down bond street in london and she's looking book went like bookshop windows. And jesus picking out some flowers she bumps into this guy named hugh whitbread..

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