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Here to help the home depot doers get more done traffic and weather together every ten minutes cable it's news time is now eight ten so let's go to Roger brands of the Stiefel traffic center we're doing all right out there for the most part Michael me the clear that accident westbound sixty four Mason they were clearing out a stall westbound seventy west one seventy with debris in the roadway he's found seventy at Salisbury and south about one seventy right around all of the young not seeing any delays those originally started off road work in a traffic lane on eastbound to seventy yeah right at the chain rocks bridges or just pay attention as you approach that works on but right now because it's a two lane stretch but not seeing any delays through that area right now and also fifteen at pocket to a road I believe it's eastbound is where they're working or right now as well of course have been underway for about an hour on the highway V. north out of hard road in Jefferson County and in Saint Charles county under way on highway ninety four between routes B. and B. and H. those will go till seven this evening obviously and then they should be getting ready to get going on highway eighteen now just south of seventy all the way down to or brute animal in the forest L. area as well but other than that doing all right looks like the world works also starting this morning on westbound three sixty four you're good with there's a little bit of a delay did you get around that bend just west of mid rivers at this time next updated eight twenty from Stiefel traffic center chemo exactly whether it's going to be a cooler than average last day of March with a high near sixty with clouds a little sun clear to partly cloudy chilly number thirty six tonight mostly sunny low sixties.

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Michael, Mason, Jefferson County discussed on Charlie Brennan

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