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Before jumping off the roof of a building in Malaysian, east city. Unbelievable of terribly voted for her to jump the number of Americans. Filing applications for unemployment benefits fell more than expected last week, pointing to sustain labor market strength, that should underpin the economy as the growth is still slowing Assadi newspapers calling for surgical US strikes in retaliation against alleged threats from Iran, the Iran News. Published Annetta to'real in English arguing that after incidents this week against Saudi energy targets. The next logical step should be surgical strikes. The Dettori says US air strikes in Syria when the government there was suspected of using chemical weapons against civilians, set a precedent, and they are calling for the US to do what it can against Iran. Howard bloom, author of the Mohammed code with us Howard. That sounds like Saudi Arabia wants to take out around this sounds like a little war coming is a little war that's been going on for ten years, and it's about to get bigger if we're not careful. So here's the background Iran and Saudi Arabia have been at war with each other, since at least two thousand eight ten year war has been carefully hidden, it's disguised as a civil war in Syria, and it's disguised as war against the local group who he's in Yemen. This Saudi Arabian war has been hyperactive in the last four days on Sunday and Monday, the Saudis, claim that to their tankers have been attack near the Persian Gulf, those attacks. Were also said to have damaged oil sacra tanker from Norway, and another from the United Arab Emirates sent two days ago, the Iranian-backed Yemenis who call themselves who tease us. Drones to attack pumping stations and a crucial oil pipeline in Saudi Arabia who need wrong attacks. Stop the pipeline's operation for a few hours and this is a vital pipeline. And today, the of the Saudis and the coalition partners carried out eleven attacks against the hoodies in the capital city of sonata, seven civilians died. But you've gotta keep something in mind, when you hear of attacks on civilians, in the world, remember that Arab fighters hide, their stockpiles of weapons and their military centers under schools, hospitals and apartment buildings. So imagine you're an Arab fighter, your goal is to make your enemies hesitate about attacking you so use human shields. And you park your military assets under civilian structures. The more civilians killed the better, you can Bill attacks against you war crimes and use them to make your enemy look bad. Press response to the attacks of rainy proxies today, the herb news, publish the article you were just talking about telling us the United States to carry out a surgical strike against Iran to understood, but you to understand all the going on, you need a crucial bit of history in nineteen seventy nine, Iran had a revolution Iran. Secular groups felt they had won the revolution and thought that they would rule. Instead, a gang of religious scholars seized control of the country, these Islamic scholars were convinced they had a direct line to God that their form of Islam revolution was God's will, and that there is revolution would sweep the world's fifty seven nations. Yes. There are fifty seven nations on this planet and Iran expected. It's form of holy revolution to bag every single one of them. One nation of top of around surrogate list with Saudi Arabia Iran goal was to topple the Saudi Royal family and literally cut off its heads. That's eight thousand people in the Saudi Royal family. Since then around has been ever. So slowly encircling Saudi Arabia surrounding it, and putting its neck and news to do this Ron uses proxy armies, sock puppet, armies, fourteen of them armies control of Major General. Kacem Soula Meany. Head of the Iranian army's coulds brigade especial units that sets up and runs. Proxy armies in foreign countries Iran's proxy armies are working take powering. Get this Lebanon Syria rain, Yemen, Gaza, and Afghantistan. So Iran has Saudi Arabia squeezed from the northwest, the east, Liz out, then there's the propaganda war. The Turks are using the death of Washington Post journalist Jamal kashogi to undermine Saudi Arabia's ruling principle, Hamad bin Salman, the kashogi affair doesn't seem to have anything to do with Iran's attempts to squeeze Saudi Arabia. But it does the Turks are now allied with guests who the Iranians and every detail Jamal Koshi Steph has been fed to us by the Turks, fed to us with. Out evidence. So when you see a brutal and deplorable attack in Yemen, and you'll see many of them when you see a mass of refugees fleeing Syria or another report on the control g murder. Keep one thing in mind the Saudis believed that they are fighting for their very survival. They are believed that they were in a war in which the Iranians are trying to take them over and replace the Saudi Royal family with mullah's. That's true. Howard. That's all true deal is the western press. It is true, and the western press often falls for Iran's propaganda. In so, you know, the Saudis are made to look like monsters and Yemen. They are nobody should be killing civilians. Absolutely. Nobody should be killing civilians, but they're in a war for their to that to the death. Well, I think what's going to happen. This is gonna blow up and we're going to come to the defense of Saudi Arabia. And let's see what happens with the counterpunch from Russia or China, but something's going to happen in Iran. That's my take. Well, have you ever gone to bed? You woke up in, you had a little bites all along your feet. The probably bedbugs study that began as an investigation into the utterly bizarre way in which bedbugs reproduce has revealed that they existed far longer than humans DNA samples from thirty species of bedbugs reveal the insects had been around for at least a hundred fifteen million years. Can you believe that Rockland county, New York has been hit hard by the measles outbreak that didn't stop anti vaccination groups holding a rally in that? Area this week that attracted hundreds of attendees, let's check in with Dr Gary Ridenour and get his take on all of this measles. What's happening there? First of all, Gary with the measles outbreak around the country. Eighty new cases have been reported this weekend. The number now is up over a hundred but I have seen some sources have been listening to our show, and they said that they think that there's a hundreds of more than not been reported that many and who's the killer is that there is tens of thousands of people infected in Madagascar with the beef three virus, which is not over here. And they have a thousand dead children and young adults. Now, let me ask you this. Do you think governments should force citizens to get accented? If they don't want to good, good question. Oregon has forty percent of children, not vaccinated and a Bill to eliminate excuses, except by Dr died in the Oregon legislature yesterday, the dead, your state, your state, California. You've got a only dumb you've band, even all all. Non-medical excuses, but we're still getting cases popping up in California. So the vaccines are getting the word out and it's it's misleading. I ran into an anti vaccine them sight today, instead of reading along and the misinformation. I just have to paraphrase paraphrase it and say lies were by non doctors. And when you expose one of these misinformation, they move on and invent a new one. We're gonna see what happens for that force, vaccinations, that's going to happen. Plans have been unveiled for three thousand mile an hour plane that will fly passengers from New York to London in just ninety minutes are actually working on this. The planes could travel at speeds of more than three thousand with a range of forty six hundred miles will be powered mostly by existing technology. Wow. Get up to coast to coast, AM dot com. You should do that on a regular basis anyway. Look in the highlight reel. Look at the picture of the Christ like figure appearing in the clouds over Argentina people. There are going nuts looking at this. It is bizarre. I mean when you look at the picture it looks like a hologram of Jesus up there in the clouds, it's, it's with his arms out. It's just really strange. We've got that picture for you at coast to coast, AM dot com as we reported earlier a jury in Oakland, California has warded a couple two billion dollars in punitive damages after concluding that sustained exposure, the Monsanto's popular row. Yup. Weed killer led to their cancer diagnosis. The couple will receive an additional fifty five million dollars for pain and suffering, and to cover medical expenses, as well in a moment, Jeffrey Smith, author of genetic.

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