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Broke down earlier this year despite a hiatus in testing North Korea has continued to produce material for nuclear weapons senator Jack reed weighed in on the historic visit it was historic and I recognize that fact but I don't think it's the Vance the discussions about the north Korean nuclear weapons for it which is very real we still have a long way to go to get the north Koreans to denuclearize and I should be our objective and this I think you're a lease to reestablish communication but it is not move the ball for president trump said economic sanctions on the north would stay in place that we seemed open to lifting some of them in return for north Korea's concessions since my mom to call phone from I witness news it's approaching nine o'clock after I should say is approaching nine after six o'clock Christina was just had enough with the door now it's a little early Christine is nine after six okay there we go video of a road island state trooper punching a man numerous times in a holding cell has been released now this video which was released as part of the public records request shows a trooper by the name of James Donnelly Taylor who previously pleaded no contest to misdemeanor assault and was suspended for a month for the attack on Lionel Monsanto state police leader James manning our top cop said that he was profoundly disturbed by the video and he said any trooper who uses a justifiable excessive force under his command will be can and will be fired shown the door and a motorcyclist was killed in an accident north Kingstown over the weekend police say the crash between a motorcycle and a car happened to tower hill road on Sunday night the collision was reportedly cost by the driver of the car backing out on to the road unidentified Bach biker was pronounced dead at Rhode Island hospital ten after six o'clock now let's get the highways into our traffic center we've got that John hamlet with us now in his report from express pros dot com forget it is Oxford Street in the city portion of that closed down as they demolished the Oxford Street bridge but traffic maneuvering around one ninety five without difficulty moving at the speed limit by Thurber's habits quiet ride a firmer for towards one ninety five north and southbound moving well through the S. curves attack it with your southern New England traffic I'm John camp with express employment professionals is thinking workers in a big way this August expresses a warning one thousand dollars cash prizes weekly and a chance to win a ten thousand dollar vacation and register on the express job sap or express pros dot com express nose jobs get to know expressed.

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