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The search continues in Denver for eighteen year old soul. Pice a Florida woman accused the flying to Denver purchasing a shotgun and making unspecified threats involving Columbine high school Jefferson County sheriff Jeff's raider, we take these threats seriously. It's not certainly not the first threat that we've had that involves Columbine high school where references that in that regard. I know that this opens a wound especially on an anniversary we come Saturday. It'll be twenty years since the massacre at Columbine President Trump's legal team is preparing possible rebuttal depending on what's in special counsel. Robert Muller's Russia report, the redacted version goes to congress on Thursday, the US and Iran engaging in a bit of tit for tat a day after the US designation of Iran's military, the revolutionary guard as a terrorist organization went into effect. Iranian lawmakers overwhelmingly approved labeling US force. In the Middle East as a terrorist organization. Richard cantu. ABC news to the live line. We find Mark Caleb. Smith director center for political studies at cedar hill, university, a doctor I was just curious to pick your brain a little bit on this plan to take illegal immigrants and ship them directly to sanctuary cities. I've had some conversation with people that I know and trust. There is this feeling I wouldn't go all the way to it's a joke. But it's maybe the idea is we're just going to expose the Democrats poke at the Democrats and say, okay, if you want to have cities where you're welcoming these people are just gonna make it easy and bring them right to you. Do you think it's that simple from the president's side of things or is he trying to do something different. I think one of the president's greatest talents is to troll, his enemies and to ruin somebody's reveal their hypocrisies and earn shortcomings, and I think that's what he's doing here primarily, I I don't really see this as a serious plan. We don't really have the resources to relocate that many people to different parts the United States. And if you're looking to sort of deal of immigration of easier to deport them than it would be to relocate them certainly to San Francisco or wherever, but politically it's great for the president. I mean to the extent that the Democrats and liberals are willing to say, well, we don't really want that problem here. Then I think that it does reveal the policy, but I don't see it as a series proposal paying for one thing making it really easy for them to get their, you know, from your perspective. I mean is it even legal could the president waive his presidential one and say, okay, you're going gonna steal into the country. You're going to Columbus Ohio because we're pretty okay with you know, that type of person moving here, you're going to sandy. Geico, you're going to New York, and and you're going to to LA, it's certainly not legal when you're dealing with someone who's actually refugee or someone who's claiming son. Those people are do a very particular process. Other claims beat evaluated you have to determine whether or not they're fleeing from oppression. Whether they're facing a life threatening situation, they have different legal status than someone else who's entering the country. So if you're a refugee you're coming here, it would not be legal for the president. You just simply pick people up and move them to wherever he wants them to go. They have to put him through a very particular process. Also, I mean, I know that we we're hypocritical to some extent when we have a president that we like we're willing to give them a lot of power. We have when we don't like ruling to restrict their power. But I think most conservatives would be very upset at say if President Obama simply took people in this situation and relocated them throughout the United States wherever he wanted them to just sort of claim that it's part of his executive authority the president really needs congress to. Act to reform immigration system. Not just simply keep keep exercising because executive pen, Dr Mark Caleb Smith our guest, if as you pointed out, the president is excellent at trolling his opponents will this stick. I mean will people even Democrats see that hypocrisy of we're a sanctuary city? But the president kind of called our bluff and said, well, I'm just going to bring it right to you. And then they kind of bulk I mean will that caused that issue to bubble back up? Again, do you think we'll sanctuary cities become an issue for people like we really need to reconsider this? You know, I think we should reconsider sanctuary cities. I think that it's a it's a legal nightmare to some extent to have federal law. Just simply not being enforced within a city the United States. But put that aside. I think many of us cities would probably welcome these people. They're they have plenty of resources a place like San Francisco has its own set of problems, but sandwich. Francisco also has lots of resources they have lots of access extraordinarily wealthy people who are in the area. And I bet there are a lot of people who'd be willing to fronting the Bill for this sort of thing at least temporarily in order to deprive Mr. Trump of it's kind of political victory. Yeah. So I don't think necessarily that. It would get the result of Mr. Trump wants we'll see for me, you're in your answer. There was very telling the, you know, the wealthy people will do it at least temporarily. And I mean, I think that really when you when you pull back, and you look at a lot of the issues that we have in this country today, it's the temporary nature. There's no commitment anymore to this is what I said, and I'm sticking to it. And I'm staying with it. There's a lot of people that will just make kind of a passing half hearted effort at something until it goes out of the new cycle. And then you can't find him anymore. Well, I think it's because we're obsessed with the next election. You know, we would see this as a temporary issue enough to hurt. Mr. Trump long enough to get an advantage for the twenty twenty presidential election. We are not looking at it. In terms of what's the best plan for the United States moving forward over the next three years five years ten years or twenty years? Now, how do we get to that plan? It's short term temporary political gain for the benefit of winning the next set of votes. And that's it. And that's all we've got right now. I'd like say, we got more. But I don't see a doctor always appreciate the time in perspective. That's Dr Mark Caleb. Smith director center for political studies.

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