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And even sold lemonade, Charlotte. And Craig Benson are Garland's. Parents. I think in some ways, it's it's almost made him the big brother, the Benson's don't say if but win the million dollar goal is met the reward will be watching their daughter start treatment thinking about. Sorry. The moment that we could actually be in treatment for her is for all of us to be there together is going to be a very special moment for sure a million dollar moment with a priceless. Payoff, Omar Villafranca. CBS news Austin as we count down to the end of two thousand eighteen let's take a moment to remember some of the creative people who left us this past year. We have more on this story from CBS's Steve Kathan, Evelyn Barisan was not a household name. But after she invented the digital word processor, a secretary's job was never the same by making it possible to move text around in third delete and do other things that people who use computers today. Take for granted. Trevor Bayless advanced communications in the third world with the creation of the portable windup radio. That's how I wound up. Colin Kroll was the young tech exec who created apps like HQ trivia, twelve questions. They start easy. They get harder the music world. Thanks Glenn snotty for this. Pedal that allowed guitarists took create a fuzzy distorted sound it became the hallmark of sixties guitar rock finally dorkcast Riley gets credit for taking green beans cream of mushroom soup and crunchy fried onions and turning them into a holiday staple green beans. Steve Kaethe and CBS news music lovers. Getting a sneak peek of some of the marching bands gearing up for the rose parade during preview performances this weekend at Pasadena city colleges KNX is Cooper Rummell. Was there fan.

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