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And so I basically now start my day reading three or four different Email, newsletters, I read vox sentences which actually comes out at night by Nicole Fowler, and others. There's a great newsletter for people involved in politics written by Jonathan Bernstein of Bloomberg. It's almost baseball season. My single favorite form of baseball content is a newsletter by guy named Joe she Han sometimes you have to pay for these. But that doesn't tend to be a lot of money and even with all these other forms of technology. I've. Decided that just opening my inbox in the morning or in the evening and reading a bunch of these Email, newsletters is really a nice way to keep up on the world. So I wonder do either of you subscribe to Email, newsletters? He no, I actually don't know if I do I might. But it doesn't become surprised that it doesn't just become one more looming thing in your inbox that you're kind of supposed to look at. But can't quite face, which is how I feel about you know, ninety percent of the emails that I get I will confess that. I subscribe to many more Email, newsletters than I read, but the ones that I have come to like, I really do read. I actually look forward to getting them. Because maybe it's the fact that they're written in a nice casual voice, but it it's become really a central part of my media diet. And I don't think about them as some miserable form of Email that I have to respond to maybe it's because you don't have to respond to them, you could just read them and then not worry about it. And what do you get out of them that you don't get just through? You know, social media or list serves or other kinds of you know, information delivery systems. So there are a few people out there who have decided that this is the right business model for them. So Judd legume who's a progressive writer for many years has decided that what he's going to do is launch newsletter charge some amount of money for it. But this will free him up to just focus on the really important stuff. He wants to focus on Joshi Han, the baseball writer has basically done the same thing. And so in some cases, it's that people who I think are really smart have decided this is a good model for journalism, and I just wanna read them in other cases, I think it's sort of a form summary this guy Jonathan Bernstein from Bloomberg opinion, basically help summarize the political news of the day. And just a couple hundred words, and I think E mail forces a form of both conversational ISM and also brevity that. I find useful. Sadly, I've been with Michelle on this at least until now in that. I subscribe to a number of Email, newsletters, and they tend to pile up like the proverbial unread New Yorkers. In my inbox. But David I'm gonna make a change. I'm going to be a different man. I'm going to go all in and actually read them. That's our show for the week. Thanks so much for listening as always we'd love to hear your feedback. Leave us a voicemail at three four seven nine one five four three two four. And we might play you on the show. You can also Email us at argument at NY times dot com. And if you like what you hear we'd love if you'd leave us a rating or review in apple podcasts this week show was produced by Alex Laughlin for transmitter media and edited by lacy Roberts. Our executive producer is credit co we had help from Tyson Evans Phoebe let Ian Persad Philbrick and Francis Yang. And our theme was composed by Howson Layton. Thanks again. Okay. You've convinced me. I do not subscribe to astrology..

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