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This thing stood. For nearly an EON. Even stood up to global warming guys. It's stood up to the Moore's it's up to the reign of terror when the French revolutionist winning their took down the iconography of Christianity removed the Virgin Mary and made sacrifices to the goddess of reason and though sacrifices included church. Clerics? It's up to Hitler. The kaiser. And it just so happens to go up. Holy week. Out of nowhere. And what remains? Is the foundation. And the cross. Cheeses rebukes disciples for failing to understand the signs or to read or acknowledge the signs of the times. I'm not here to debate with you what caused this. That's not the conversation. The conversation is. The message that comes out of this. While the world set there and mourned, and listen, it's not like, we don't need more beauty in this world. Okay. But while many of those who want to return us to the old paganism that structures like that cathedral are monuments to Christendom conquering. They want to take us back to a world pre eleven sixty three. They wanna take us back to a world. Of wicker men, and may parades and paganism. Human sacrifice. They wanna take us back to world. Many of the people that were crying yesterday on political Twitter. Oh, the artwork. It's like what you said. What is it? What was that mean to you? What's the what's any of this symbolism mean? All of the symbolism is gone. Except for the most powerful and meaningful symbols of them. All. The stone. The builders rejected has become the cornerstone. The stone foundation remains. The cross remains. Basically everything else has gone. Let those with ears to hear. Let them here. Someone is speaking very loudly. Are we listening? Are we paying attention? Are we capable of hearing that kind of message anymore? Do we want? Do we want to hear it? Yeah. And the messages will get pardon the expression progressively louder. Until that someone decides. I don't think they wanna hear. I don't think they wanna listen. Dave exchanged the truth for. Ally. And that's they've been given over to their own. Depraved mines instead. Don't. Church. Don't get all worked up about. Who or what was the cause? Nearly as much. S who or what is speaking through? What remains? What remains? What was the last time? You saw any story or coverage of this cathedral in your life in your life. Let those with ears to hear let them here. Back here on the Steve day show here live and on demand on the blaze one of our new partners here on the show is called relieffactor. I'm looking forward to trying this product myself because I am one of those folks who just tested daily deal with soreness pain, as I get older workout schedule. I try to keep you know, it's estimated over fifty million Americans may miss work due to pain American spent about two grand per year on pain relief. I'm one of those sixty six percent of Americans have just kind of decided I'm just gonna have to kind of live with this and managed to some respect. And I've seen a ton of other people around here at the blaze that use relief factor. And I've seen the results. And here's what you need to you need to know about this one hundred percent drugfree created by doctors. There's a three week quickstart..

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