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Bullied so one way to protect the child from being bullied online. It's don't let him post video of him dancing in his room. I wonder if they'll get any lewd out of it. I wonder if there's a case there whatsoever. The first person that breaks through this legal wall. I think is going to open the floodgates in a lot of people start getting. Speaking of like must you like can you come up with dance? Like, how hard is it like he did like they gotta turn to people to be like tell us how to dance like in the game. You mean the hook is that the recreating famous dances from the internet memes and things like that. That's kind of why they do it. It's sort of a wind up until now nobody has been like, hey, you can't cut that dance. Move is copyrighted. I don't know if you can copyright a dance move or not. So it'll be right. I don't believe you. So the Carlton he's not gonna he's probably not gonna win. Right. I'm not a lawyer Kevin. But I would have. I would have to say probably at this point, Erin. No, yes. Was looking for reassure K. I think I think they'll keep their two point four billion dollars safely. Yes. Kevin good. Yes. That good. I mean, you know, they worked so hard for aid. Did yes. Speaking awful, people celebrity big brother announced their cast. Does this show or UK show start in the UK? This is the second season. They're doing it here in the states. They might have to rename the show. Because it's called celebrity big brother, and I'm reading this list of names, and I don't I don't really find one. White House communications director, Anthony Scaramucci is going to be living in the big brother house. The moot? The moot? Dina Lohan is going to be there. Lindsey low hands. Mom, right. Ryan LAC de Olympic swimmer. Ryan lock de didn't. He get in trouble. You did. Yes. Everyone here got in trouble. I think that's why they're in. It's like it's kind of like TV prison. I think. Tamar Braxton one of the Braxton's girls she's going to be in their Joey Lawrence. From mean, girls Jonathan Bennett. If your latest credit is mean girls, by the way. Career needs a little resuscitate. So you're the boy in mean girls. Yes. Limping track athlete Lolo Jones. Former NFL running back Ricky Williams, former W E formers in this cast, by the way, former WWE wrestler, Natalie. Eva marie. She here. Former comedian Tom green I made that part of. It just says comedian here, but let's be serious. Reality star Kandi Burruss. I got nothing for you on candy births and then last, but certainly not least Kato kaylin. Still around still around if called would you do it know what if they were like, it's fifty K no hundred K no nine hundred how see you tomorrow. I guess Ralph. We have some of that cash outside money cash me in the big brother house. What I would say. No, I barely like living with my wife and child. I don't I don't wanna live with Kato kaylin or the moot. Anytime. Sports minimum five hundred thousand could they get for me for half a million. Yeah. How how long is shoot is month? I think it is thirty days. Yeah. If you last to the end, not people get evicted all the time. So I would probably take a big shit on the dining room table or to get out to get a victory as quickly as possible. Oh, shucks. The first day. How do you Kato? Do you have difficulty using the bathroom in public? Like, would you be able to shit on a table? Oh, yeah. With all those cameras rolling. That would make TV history. Then you would be definitely making that cash me outside money. I mean if ships. Enroll in to like the guy was shit on television. You know, Sharman bath tissue was calling. Garmin uses Sharman..

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