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A lot of other people I don't really. Think I've sort of aged out of it like I don't know I. Think it was just there's too much content like true crime is a big John rather than like podcasts about movies or TV at this point, there's just hundred. So I do think a little bit I'm overwhelmed by the amount of content and I've so I don't. I wouldn't say consume any true crime content right now but. I've always liked it. I am excited to hear about some of these cases I am nervous but the name of the episode though. Okay. So the name of the podcast as I thought coming in was Robin King Verdict, a man who was going to be telling us about a case, and then we were going to be trying to figure it out but I guess that that is in flux. Well at that's fine I think that name is okay. What do you think about liking give you the history of this kind name so This was your idea for a show like he you propose to rob some months ago. The idea of two angry men based on the smell angry men moving. End Rob immediately vetoed that name because he thought that two angry men sounded like you would be arguing about something else in directly reference true crime so The idea when in the waiting room for a while, you actually reached out to me and asked if I would be the steward of this idea. This was an idea. Is The word steward Dr. Man. I can go and check the transcript. You'll probably not you probably didn't. So. Then we needed a name for it and I proposed a list of names that you discussed on the podcast with Rob Rob like need a verdict. The best to this was one of the names suggested and this is not the first time Akiva that you've been unhappy with a name that I proposed for podcast? Oh Will you hear him? I am actually the person who named Rene. Robin Kiva. Nita podcast and famously you were unhappy with that name and tried to rename the podcast for at least the first couple of episodes. Whose history kind to Dr Man they're up I think it's a great name. It's a great Mike. Concern? We're we're we were trying to figure out the acronym during during that prequel episode. And like are a in a P. It was a lot. We didn't realize like it took a lot for people did not according to podcasts were nap and episode five. Let me say that in the wild for anybody to call it Rene but now it's We took a while, but we did fight for branding and its stock. Yeah. Yes. Okay. All right. So. Keep a what are some of the suggestions that we're looking at. So the one thing you mentioned last week was true crime on happy hour I thought it was funny but I think it's maybe too cute. Okay. I don't know. So this podcast. We well, here's some other people already understand too. Yeah. Right we there is a spoiler here. Yeah, you might. Read it where you like blocked the words and they have to hover over the words the scene. Yeah. What the spoiler is. So we have shut up tim says my favorite murder enthusiasts. Jessica.

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