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806 630380 again. 806 630380 Voice of Boston. Okay, We're back into mini pad filling in for V V. Who's on vacation this week, missing all the fun. You can take a week off when there's a debate, not not in this particular race. You could tweet at me at Vinnie Penn. I've been loving hearing from all of you this afternoon and your kind words or give us a call at 617 to 66 68 68. Let's hop on the phone right now. I'd like to go to Bob in Boston if we could. Who's got a comment to make about media Bob taking away way anyhow, why you do a great job? Thanks very much. You want to take some shots at the media? I'm with you. Yeah, I just think that there's a lot of involvement too much and involvement of corporations that have a stronghold. On these media outlets, and therefore they define what we listened to and what we here and where it comes from. Just just ordered white Pence does a great job. And what does he do? It gets battered in the press. How How can that be? Unless somebody is pulling the strings somewhere, So what we need to do is that they need to be laws they need. We need to get into Congress with separating the media from corporation. Can't have that kind of connection. If there's money involved, you know that's going to be a slight of end or the bending of words and and that's what we need to do. We need to stop. Listening. I see. For example, you commentator that's fine. I have a problem in people can listen to archeo Listen to commentary. But when it comes from the Washington Post when it comes from The New York Times, when.

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