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The second most famous person out there after you stop what about Susan B.. Anthony who was born here and lived by Seattle just because he's got a coin. It doesn't mean that she can hold a candle sleepiq. You know who else who else is from Greenwich Chester Arthur really most famous after Susan Grandma Moses. There's also the and I'm not done so remember that that's true. What else we we got a whole bunch? We gotTA famous cartoonist to famous cartoonist is not shed Gould Oh for goodness sakes from all magazine about mad going. I haven't any old maggot mats and perfect conditions over my mom's house the early seventies well save. I have a the <hes> I have a <hes> a car from Dave Berg when I was a little kid in New Jersey I called him and interviewed him about being and he sent me a really nice card but that's cool. I have a car at actually back in New York yeah they do. What did he do a doodle did he do a little? It was <hes> it was his Christmas card I think and he said to me and he just wrote a nice thing nice out very cool. Yeah you know sorry to see that it's almost as valuable as my original. You Know Fred Flintstone drawing from the original artist that says yeah but due to you Andrew. You've never told me that you have that that my parents had a friend who convinced me when I was a little kid when I was like two or three that I was flintstone and with my mom that was really Little Jersey I once and they announced over the loudspeaker with the mother of Fred Flintstone comes up you know wherever and my brother of course Newbie it was me and the wife of the man I knew convinced you that works in advertising and the Fed flips the difference. I was doing something through that but she got at the Cross for me so my apartment city that is awesome somebody from from Hanna Barbera. Whoever I never you know I don't I haven't you know it's actually great? I mean it's a real sure that's very this is your full of revelations this morning. I just got nothing but great stories about I really don when we're talking about my favorite subject and that no my mom just call so I'm go wait a minute. We didn't say one thing about the meat five days a week. What else do you want from me dot com I don't know who do you like tomorrow? Give if you give everybody one horse tomorrow. Listener chances be some showers fifty fifty percent. I it's going to be a hit or miss. I'm not gonNA worry about it. Okay okay. I don't know might six nine dot com. I don't l.. I mean the whole world's GonNa bet pipes in the sixth race. Yeah that's drum. I might try to beat giant Zinger as much stores to beat with we get monies and the seventh okay <hes> <hes> and.

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