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Nothing to stop it. Nothing to help us. All accounts from the people that were around him. He was delighted it will take two thirds vote of the 100 member Senate to convict former president Trump on the impeachment charge. If all 50 Democrats vote to convict him, 17 Republicans would have to join them to actually reach a conviction. But A number of political scholars are predicting that's unlikely to happen. To Fort Worth officers have been fired within a day of each other W Ba piece captain's IRS says that one officer was fired for allegedly racially insensitive social media posts. The other four reportedly driving while intoxicated while on duty. The department says both incidents were investigated and says they hold every officer to a very high standard and will hold those who don't need that standard accountable. Three year veteran Chadwick use and lieutenant and 14 year veteran Gary Holly or terminate Did that officer was allegedly driving while off duty. In addition, officer Scott Smith has been fired for violating department general orders by failing to observe state statutes and the policies and procedures of the department. Texas business closing numbers on Wall Street. The Dow was up by 62 at the closing bell NASDAQ was off by 35, the S and P. 500 was down by one point. Right now. 30 in Fort Worth News has also been brought to you by Mueller Ink and Del Worth clean from the W B A P News desk are Mickey Briggs. You're Next. Updated. 7 30 24 7 coverage at WB ap dot.

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