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Jimmy connors who went to the tournament made it all the way to the semifinal the tournament espn the new york fans they would look for that to happen horse connors and sheriff overthrew thaad to leave the entirely different things the one interesting thing about this entire thing has been out judy chard and caroline wozniacki have reacted talysh up with you're alluding to it how they were they were thinking she should be banned for life yeah a lot of the players don't water back at all and and you know i understand some of the jealousy of at all i mean she served them enormous suspension in a sport where you don't have a long shelflife she's thirty years old she's not going to play a lot longer we'll move on fire sale to seville things yoga or bryan hamilton tigercats wanted to hire and look like ever gonna harm public talked about second chances that you were just talking about in share full the league reportedly lean on them to not tire him and then as ceo of the team called it a army negatively it became clear this was not acceptable to people tim with your read on this how did they underestimated do they know they live at the age of twitter and social media and what their reactions are gonna be if you try to hire arthri off i don't really know why they brought in june jones that's a different story they are oh eight but what did they think are trials was going to do for that team that would make it worth all the all the negativity as i say that was selling you have a black some the i don't know would be a big sewer mori's are of the cfl but this isn't the first time that they rejected someone from this side of the border who's had some really disgusting down near the other one was great hearty so good for the cfl to understand where they stand on this particular psychosocial gets its shows you the power of social media but here's my thing to me it's kind of a dicey issue what are you allowed to coached like what is he going to get a second chance be talk all the time about second chances it seems like you would have gone when the cfl big clearly floated out there is a trial balloon the negative publicity and they turned down the offer.

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