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I said no his wife is going to hold a trophy not to i <hes> and it kind of hit them when i said that i thought about it that way but if market giving them a speech before the game. I don't know if they yeah they're probably getting me because i was talking to rick welts the other day from the warriors and bob myers in the words. They were all ready to not play the warriors. Whatever whatever the clippers would have wanted to do. The warriors were right there with them so it's not like they would have forfeited but nobody knows what would have happened like what would happen if they would've just logistics of that and i i've talked about this and did you have a contingency plan here if they didn't play and his answer is such that he knew what he was going gotta do he knew what he was going to ban them for life and he was working with doc and with kevin johnson who is president of the players association at the time assuring them. Just wait for for this investigation. I'm going to be fast with this and i'm gonna come down swiftly and strongly on it ramona they had they. They dropped ball. He was going to say worldwide. I only game going on. I got a poster of my my house with the guys from the sixty eight signed by them. That is an connick moment them not being. They're not coming out. What did they never came out on this one to sixty eight olympics there supportive crowd. They're not going to pick a better place for this and oakland and if they don't play does the rest of the league play do the playoffs shut down around because i almost think players in the league lebron was writing them down ice. Adam silver had to make a powerful statement and he banned donald sterling for life within a day like did did miami play before the clippers golden state night. I don't remember but the fact that this conversation is still so tense. Eh is why this podcast. You're gonna enjoy it so much because excellent fabulous fabulous some detail talking more about this during the week but there's there's some details in there that are just amazing details that are actually kind of more uplifting <hes> which is like the negotiation that steve bomber had with shelly sterling on the it's which i don't get to give away. I want you to listen to be worked at a taco trucks. You don't notice there's a lot of great stuff mark. Thanks so much for joining us motions and <hes> you really need to listen to it especially right now. It's august. There's no basketball. This is a great opportunity to take that coming up next the lakers are reportedly holding individual workouts workouts to find your place for boogie cousins. We'll tell you which players made the cut in just a moment we have w._n._b._a. Action next tuesday and the sparks taken on lady della on the.

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