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Getting from roy hodgson. That's less the case with the frenchman while he had a form of success at nyc afc even though all i can remember his bemused face when josie altidore. Toronto went to town at yankee stadium on them one time. What was it six nil or something. Niece didn't go very well and league on. And if you are a palace fan reading this from december twenty twenty you might be a bit concerned about your new appointment. So i read this. I did a bit of a snooping Because it didn't pay that much attention to his time at niece i know that had wound good. Finishing his first season finished like fifth but everything after that was pretty bad. So this is from the guardian adam. White and eric devon veras philosophy was close to indecipherable when asked about his style of play by l'equipe upon his arrival at the club in two thousand. Eighteen air had been vague. I'll try to impose a style of play it with lots of one. Two's but play attacking football all while having a compact defensive block. He said taking risks scores money goals as possible is something that i'm ready to do what matters for me is getting the most out of my players. Why playing well. I don't think there is a system. Our style of play. That is better than another great coaches like marino. Bender guardiola have different philosophies but they all have one like like antonio conte as donut chelsea like that is one of the truly grit. Non answers are so this. Palisade is not exactly brimming quality so vieira needs an effective method of play immediately and i got worried at the weekend. They played a friendly game. I think it was against waterford. Zaza scores two goals and vieira responds. That he wants to keep improving and to be more defensive minded right that i mean that suggests suggested pragmatic approach but it also. Just what are you saying. Don't say stuff like this. This is one player you need to keep on site. The other players are apparat cheesy connor gala her They're going to be key. Creative players and vera needs to know exactly how he's going to get the best outta them. So i think straight away just like ronald kumon was ronald kumon ronald aboard ronald to bournemouth ranked divorce. What do i got there in the end. Frank deboer just like frank deboer came. In after sam allardyce it was experienced coach and then of premier league novice. This is an experienced coach and a premier league novice. I don't know why palace of donut. But i worry it's going to not it's going to blow up in their faces again. Well went so well with frank figure why not try to have history repeat itself i you know at least frank came in with with the more padded out. See you know he had championships at. Ix which did he have a championship bar. Did he have a. He had a cop or something at inter. You know i mean. What is vera bringing. I don't really have an answer to that. I mean reputation but that doesn't player not as much as manager. yeah. I don't know that's that's fair enough. The only reason i would ten well. I just don't know the palace our that our club. That would do that again. That would be willing to laugh. Nobody i'm saying do that again. In terms of firing a manager within his first season like are they a club that wants to keep having to pay out buyouts to managers club. That is the has to stay in the primarily. That's what they are. That's true to So the two names that. Strike me for this Kind of this first one. I don't know. I don't know how i feel about this. But the first one that kinda just struck me was rafa benitez Yeah another first your manager. A couple of reasons for this one The sense that i have gotten from the fan bases that they are not happy about this appointment. Maybe that's just the people that i have spoken to or seen on twitter. But that's the sense. I guess it's bad early. It just feels like this could become really toxic really fast and then the other thing is is contract isn't necessarily massive now to clarify that. The money is massive but the years aren't so a buyout wouldn't be completely out of the realm of possibility especially with a billionaire. Far hot most jewelry at the helm And and the other one. That i was thinking about was mckellar. Tessa so he was. He was appointed on december. Twenty second two thousand nineteen. So we're coming up on two years with him in charge doesn't sound like a ton of time but jj in today's soccer culture at a club like that two years is more than enough time to make a judgment on someone. I don't know that it's always fair. But that's just the reality of jobs clubs of arsenal stature right now. So and look. They backed and they just dropped. Fifty million On ben white indefens-. We'd we better not see the same sort of defensive shortcomings that have really plagued this team in past years or these. You know whispers are gonna turn louder as to whether or not. This has been the players. Fault or the manager's fault. So i do think there's there's some pressure on him there's blow morale it feels like around that club a little bit and when that happens. You can't fire the players. That's too good. Choices actually look arsenal. At least in arteta's like coming into the the season just past teddy could say. Hey we had the fa cup now. What's he saying coming into this season. They have nothing. They're not even in europe. So you're dead right. They're not even in the europa conference. Not even in the kentucky fried league of europa. Were they in who they weren't in the florida cup either right now. If you're not in the florida forget about it. That was everton. yeah jj. There's an unbelievable thunderstorm happening outside of the studio right now. I are beautiful caught. I towers and like it. It's just constant lightning going on. I'm distracted by it. I'm in my apartment quite close to a window. So i feel safe really something that weather all right next one..

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