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Anything that's like important for what's happening now in, England and they show on national. TV they were a little bit show some nudity Everything okay Yeah so it's, different? Toledo right. You know and I was happy to be like in a position where Reichen do something like that where I feel comfortable with it and, I'm like I want you. Know I, don't? Know I, I want us to get over this kind of like teenage boy attitude as a nation about they men yeah it's like get over it, it's the, boob right Leading. The way on that So. I, mean I, don't know that's you know that's Aside from that what advice would? You, give her about how to. Get going out, here oh just. Every, don't listen, anybody Anything To anybody because, the you, know everybody's going to tell you a different thing every casting director, teacher I. Prison in your acting class, everybody's gonna tell you, another, definitive thing. Of this is how. You must you must have this headshot you must do x y and z don't ever do this this. And this and everybody's. Rules are at odds. An opposition with all of them and it's all nonsense it's up. To you it's up to you you've got. To feel it be just be present in your body don't do anything, that makes, you feel weird and then probably nobody else. Will feel weird either That's kind of a good rule Yeah so wolf what advice would you give somebody about? How to get going out here That's a loaded question Go for it Also rewards go forward and. Don't be prepared just Learn the craft, and be prepared because you get everybody always says what that opportunity Opportunities always come is are you ready to an opportunity comes, you know it's You were saying Jessica it's everybody's, different, everybody handles a different and a lot, of people do promise and. Say yeah I'll do this free into for you but. Nobody helps, you out you, got to kind of do it on your own you. Know everybody's an promise, you, the, world, and. He's got to do the work. You got to wait eat breathe sleep acting, if that's what you wanna do so? We'll when you would get, an audition, who. Would, you go to, for coaching you, go to join barons Paul com welcome? Yeah he, was I. Met, him through Gosh I forget the casting directors name that you sent, me? To, four decision loosening no she was. On a. Double Kula Deborah Quillet she. Introduced, me. To him oh okay, and he was great and it was for that movie. Trader. With Don Cheadle right I was. Too tall for it Who's done immune. To, one. Guy but anyway I, met him through that and he had been great almost. Men. Almost came really close out huge Process now how did you handle that process. Because there was a lot of time, involved Waiting you know when, I was younger I would, get really, excited, really cycle right this can happen because you're you're waiting, for that break you, know it's but you have to stay focused and you would always I would, always think do I go back, bigger to go back, the same as how I audition you just keep it the same be in, the room, how they saw you, and the audience got bigger and bigger as. It was you know as well at first it's the casting director in the camera person that's the director of the producer gets bigger and bigger than the room to. Handle, the anxiousness in the waiting in? The patients call you twenty times a day No no it's it's frustrating because it's not in your hands yeah it really isn't in there isn't anybody on there that we it that Go about. You just honestly pushed next and. Go to the next thing and if that happens it happens I've learned with time that's what. You? Do you move. Onto. The, next thing you can't sit stagnant win for the. One, thing that might not be. The one it's match right it's like dating Know Okay so, Jordan what advice would you give someone Coming out, here for the first time yeah I think I would tell them recommended them to go out and do anything they can to be. Seen Plus Phil stuff like that anywhere where. They can be seen ask. Agents? And talent cashing graduates to, come in and see. Them just be seen so that, would be theater right like which I didn't do which you didn't do So jessica Are you in? New York did you do any, theater, elevator wow experience that must've been ain't. Love the I love the theater really do really still love it more than anything public theater and. Lincoln. Center, yeah. Yeah, yeah yeah I'll take. It all And, people seem to doing Theater. Town and more more casting. People can see, you work. It was great you, know and like I mean I would do like a little little production in, like on forty second street like above the John houseman theater in like a, little thirty studio annex space, and people would come like I got a writing job from like this little stupid play. That we were, doing well and you know we. Went to the bar afterwards this woman comes up to myself. And a friend of mine just like you guys are really funny if you, guys, do, reading writing like, well yes we do actually And we ended up writing, and performing in this series, of like content filler for the oxygen network when it was first like its first incarnation. And they were, like looking for contact between segments. That didn't have any advertisers or like you know it was. Weird so we wrote these ridiculous like late nineties like scenarios of females shopping, for, bras, and things and Wow Like you get opportunities like that from like doing some little, crap neuter. Production you know somewhere New York is much different and actor can do more there. Too Than they cannot hear and leaving that's it Oh Tonight we're going to have to take a break. Here we're going to go back to next part two and a couple of, minutes and stay. Tuned don't go anywhere is a fascinating. Show very. Interesting great show with great, guests and we're talking about acting and you can relate to some of the stuff these people are telling. You so just don't go. Anywhere sit tight will be back in a couple of, minutes? Right we will see you in a couple of. Minutes all. Right take..

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