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All right next question all right let's see make your own this one now is not about who knows who best offer you both are going to ray your own separate enter reveal a sex confession you haven't told me yet it doesn't matter if it's a week confession sex oh i could tell him having sex oh i something outside that we don't know about each other right like something we want maybe or something we've done sex confession maybe i don't know shane's very open lattice chills now let's find that's interesting i wanna know oh howard like how 'bout like what's your like oh i got it what each other's fantasies tino them like what he wants and what you are is this working out this i like i like both questions i think a good i don't know why we moved on hedge fund sex confession but it could also like hey i put my balls on your face and you're sleeping weren't could also be some you walk and you had an asked for yet let me think a guy in i feel felt ready vocal right i mean the first five minutes of this show i learned how fast you come in from her head giving and all that stuff so i think you're also very open pressure definitely okay i got it mm hmm i got a good one for the next question till you guys meet at deal afraid wind okay okay okay i gotta i gotta gotta these a mock confessions disuinity thought about is gone the sat says she got well no what these on my confessed wondering what i could actually get in trouble for ray as a you got many buyers of others.

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