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Tier two. I don't even know if you can get to it alone. My fear is that only collaborative romantic partner. Would you can't get to certain levels of development unless you're working collaboratively in tandem with another human entity so that the relationship that gets to the next level not individuals. I'm with you love it We're winding down any What else. I guess Do you want to say to the listeners. As we wind down what Just given our conversation or what's on your mind in your heart just to notice where you're meeting or wanting other people to feel think or say or be something different and anytime you want that where you want someone else to be different or the world out there to be different that there is a counterpart inside of you that is available to be flex and changed and that the desire to have that change and flex externally is a dodging of your own internal next to growth developments for charity and having a life that you love and it's the only place you have power over power over any of that out there so just whatever you want changed out there especially in your romantic partner. Whatever you want them to change make it a fixed point and it's never gonna change now. Who are you going to be in response to that. How do you dance with that. In a way that makes the relationship nourished and healthy and notice that the dance. You have to take on in response to that. Is your actualization oud. So stop the dodging and weaving out there and 'cause it's actually going on in here and start really turning toward dot inside that you might be avoiding dodging now looking. Because you're right these other people who are being exactly as they need to be are giving us an opportunity to grow. He'll be more whole. Yeah and actually. I was going to bed last night and image came to my mind that maybe share hair. But when you're interacting your magic carpet if you could come you can train yourself to have this frame. I know you love me. I know you love me. And i love you and you actually believe that you get to. I know you love me. And you'll have me and i'm confused by this. Can you help me it. Whatever it is. Whatever they're saying whatever's happening. I know you love me. And i love you but i'm confused by this. Help me out because most of the drama comes from a disbelief in either that you love me or that i love you. That's being held hostage. But if you actually just surrender to that the truth the way you interact with your partner it will be transformed. Trust trust the love right. I and i love you more then i look. I know you love me more than you're angry. I love you more than angry. That piece though with a trick yeah goes a long way. Cool One more question and then we'll ask the listener here will get an told where to find you..

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