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Inbound right lanes. So keep an eye on for those slowdowns. Oh, now from garage door repair dot com WN males Storm Watch seven forecast Partly cloudy skies hot in with the Ranger of the afternoon. Some isolated afternoon storms. Highest chance will be west of D. C. I think you have the better chance around the D. C. Metro later this evening highs in the lower nineties. Today, mostly cloudy tonight lows in the sixties to around 70 degrees here Monday. Partly sunny, scattered showers and storms early highs in the upper eighties. Maybe she seven meteorologist Alex Watch seven Weather Center refund. It's here today, and now it's time to date your way. Maybe ready now to get out for lunch or drinks at a restaurant. Or maybe you'd rather start with a date. Three arranged for you in a virtual betting before you venture out. The professional matchmakers. It's just lunch. Are the experts at customizing your dates in an easy low pressure setting? Because that's not how you date. It's who you date date your way today by visiting. It's just lunch DC dot com OR call to 024666699 It's just one connection awaits with guaranteed dates. Did you know that homeowners now control $14.4 trillion Untapable Home Equity? Hyah! Mark Livingstone with Quarter stone First financial, and this rise in appreciation has led to record numbers of people using their homes as ATMs. With the elimination of some he locks being tax deductible credit card debt on the rise. An interest rate increases looming. Now is the time to act. If you're looking to fix your house up, eliminate PM I or take cash out for any reason. Even if you're working with another company, use.

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