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These things have a tendency to to crop backup exactly iskoe were yeah like an inferno like a yard aliens in i want sardi okay zarghee hot hassle frau for the guardians cosmic did i did i did pitch gun in hasselhoff recently on hasselhoff the hoff as to be under he looks like him he's got the he's got that man fro thing gone jim's jim's dreams come true look i i made cumberbatch as strange yes well yeah we can always go and if you guys don't know about that go on twitter and find that photo because it's it's a hoot shall we dive into the more meaty subject the of insanity happening over in the dc you said thing i hell is going on tom i mean we got some crazy stuff going on there there was a just one after another after another this week on the dc eu and otherwise our you know it's it's a shall i take this yeah why don't you take all right let's do this where let's start with um let's start with batman 'cause it's because it's easier to sort of get a the year at first it was an and then it it now it is but we'll see as so director matt reeves did a podcast with kim masters reporter for hollywood reporter back right before comecon and it was only just discovered by folks on right it like this past week it's you know he was out there promoting war for the plane in the apes and and sort of had rattled off all these you know been doing a ton of interviews lending out little batman things here and there so this one jests khanna snuck under the radar well it got dug up this week and it during which he said to her uh that when warner brothers was pitching him for thing they said and i quote this uh meaning this filmed the batman is a standalone this isn't part of the extended universe.

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