George Meany, Biden, President Trump discussed on Hollywood 360


McNamara. Eight six six ninety redeye if you'd like to get aboard there was back and forth yesterday, you know, Biden getting the endorsement of the firefighters union the president coming on Saint somebody. The firefighters want me to be their president. You know, not not not not Biden and the head of the firefighters union was was actually questioned by reporters, you know on. You know, these firefighters a lot of them are Trump supporters are were their union dues going. I mean that that question was asked switches the great question, which is which is a great question. But you know, you think of union endorsements in the way that they used to be even twenty years ago thirty years ago, and I here today, and it's sort of goes flat. You know, you, and I've spent a lot of time talking about how you know unions in this country. Have completely changed that you know, when you look back at, you know, the union movement in this country, and you look. At who was considered the creator of the AFL CIO, George Meany, and and and FDR George Meany think about this the guy who really the Genesis of the AFL CIO absolutely against government unions. The union movement was never about government unions. And now the union movement is all about government unions. And what it's about is. It's the taxpayer who has to foot the Bill now for the unions, not the mean corporate management for travel.

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