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Live this morning on. His way to Irwindale he's going to set up shop at a two point. Stance wearing Irwindale EJ we are the farmer boy parking lot fifteen to our highway because we got tickets. For the Honda Civic Five. Point theatre on August fifteenth I'm EJ you're on, Ryan Seacrest is one or two point seven FM this. Is good so if you want to. See Charlie poof an hailee Steinfeld Honey you won't. Be on tour with. Them yet will you add actually when I'm going to finish the tour I'm going. To finish it off in Irvine with them so if you want to see. The triple Bill you can go out there aero highway and Irwindale avenue EJ will talk in a few So chain smokers here Alexandru rolling. In, guys so. Good to see you it feels it feels like it's been a long? Time since you've been. Here does feel like that right yeah, and you spend I know you're in. New York. And LA do. Spend a lot of time in Los Angeles or you on. The road more often Alex always on, the, road I mean we're. Literally never hear ever I I don't like. My fridge is? Completely empty e. probably on the road I'd, say what two hundred days a year yeah we did. We did one hundred and eighty seven shows last, year is that wild asked me an airport I can. Tell you all the restaurants anywhere Airport. Airport we'd like fast food which would city JFK general delta. JFK maybe Atlanta, as a, lot of good options. We know delta our house. Like an expansion tournament all, that's like super whack, the old one Summer vacation Because you're together so much touring, traveling working do you have a like you only have to speak to? Each other you sort of know each other? Are, thinking yeah there's a routine. For sure Wake up? I don't talk to him before like noon? I, wouldn't he doesn't like that Exception He hasn't eaten out Do? You get angry. Drew I'm the worst. I, get that. Terry yeah predictable too Just, never know What what are? The hours though so I if what what time is, dinner for example you're, on your work we do have, to, eat well yeah we eat frequently like. Every two hours you appreciate dinner in. A, post. Show yeah yeah dinner and supper Dinner and suffered back to back. From, Lord, of the rings Are you did you. Get a dog yeah no. Actually I meant. To ask you I. Got a new, dog her name's motu she's actually it obedience go right now but I know that, you had a dog when you. Came. Like two years ago you've just got a puppy Georgia yeah and. You? Were training. Her you Senator like day. Camp? Every day right I did is this. The move or no let. Me. Tell. You something about Georgia I have a black lab yeah true and so Georgia. Came. As a puppy and, Georgia is so I'll train when okay so when it's morning the alarm, goes off and Georgia's in her bed next to the bed and she'll put her head up and she'll wait for me to go That she, jumps into bed wow and then at night when I say let's go, to bed she goes she gets in the bed and the passenger side And. Then when I turn off the. Lights she puts her head up and she goes right. Into. Her little bet you'll, have to tell, ya it's pretty fun, they taught, her all this data Georgia drives me to work This is better than I I have a gift.

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