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Think it is too today renting one question for one of our listeners. Whose name is Matt News. From Buffalo Grove Illinois. I have a question for Vice President Biden and governor inslee. This is a stressful time. And I'm wondering if you can both tell us what you do to stress relief from the anxiety when I hear the current Ludicrous noses out of the White House. Well I try to ride my bike and I got to read about thirty miles. Yesterday it was a Beautiful Day. I felt like a young man. I'm fifty five again. You know I felt great and I tell you what I look forward to. Those is playing on my grandkids again. You know this has been a stressful time for all of us and that I really forward to that day because that actually the ultimate relaxation. I know we're all looking forward to that. Well you know it's funny. We talked about this before. But it's the same thing with me. I Have A. I love to ride the bike although now I have a presidential secret service with men. There's a lot of and so it's Kinda hard you know. You're going to be a little constrained. But that's a price worth paying to say they're and they're wonderful. I didn't mean that but but I work out every morning and and the other thing we do is We do a whole lot of zooming with our grandkids. Yeah for real and Yesterday had five o'clock all the grandkids got on son daughter and everybody and we just talked for anywhere about half an hour and exchange. Well we're all doing. I got a six year old grandson. Who you know. We're doing remote learning because we had to close house obviously and he was given one of his science assignments to go out and make a list of birds and he was very excited. He told me on the phone a couple of days ago that he got his list. This is a lifeless. Or He's going to do the rest of his life. He had three inches. One Robin and three crows now. I'm very proud of is a six year old and I'm very proud of him. It's proud but whoever finds one robin I mean you see one Robert? I was very very odd. We'll look I kept you long time. I hope we can come on. You know the election and talking some more detail about global warming and the like but I think i. I think you're one of the really great governors and you do any job in the country but I really. I really appreciate your advice. You give me and I know I'm always bugging you for advice and input but I really mean it and what you've done in Washington state is real. It's consequential and I think that we can turn with the with a little bit of luck we can turn this. God Awful Circumstance. We're facing the corona virus into an opportunity. But we're going to come out of this stronger. I believe that Mister Vice President. I'm proud to endorse you for being the next president. United States for many reasons. I know that you have a willingness to follow science and really help us get us out of the cove in nineteen crisis. You're gonNA bring a reason to approach to that rather than just ignoring doctors. You'RE GONNA follow their advice a year to be honest with us which we don't have right now in the White House you're going to have a concrete plan for you know action within the next ten years to develop clean energy plan so we just don't handle twenty-fifty. I know that you have efforts to really do things in the next ten years and I'm very excited about this. I WANNA mention whether they're saying though that you should know that is at this time of great anxiety and suffering I think you're perfect for the moment to help to give people comfort and confidence in the reason I said that is it. I saw you help families. I don't know if you remember this but you out at joint. Base Lewis mcchord in Washington. Remember years back and you're comforting four families who lost their soldiers and I watched you tell them the story about how your grief that you had near. Life is over time term to the joy of memories and when I talked to those families that meant a lot to them and we need somebody with that human connection right now in this position and I believe you gotTa unique talent to to trade your heart for theirs and I just want to tell you. I can't wait to start providing that to America. Well thank you very much. Look I've received so much support and empathy for the things I've gone through my life loss of family and like but you know and I know you know. Think of all those people out there today who are alone who are and whether it's related to the corona virus from or not a friend of ours. Tell us how they had to say goodbye to their mom over. Telephone another friend. Who visited her mom in a nursing home? Thank God she's not dying but Just putting your hand up against the window and just just saying hey mom I'm here people just but there's so many people who've stepped up so many people have stepped up. You know you and I've talked before about my notion about. We had to return the soul of America. Where the soul of America? Yeah with ordinary hard working people who are busting going through. I've been through in a lot worse without the help I've had without the family. I've had getting up every morning. Put One foot in front of the other and it's remarkable country remarkable country. We can't forget these people though once we're out of this we can't forget them. We have changed the institutional circumstances. They find themselves in economically as well as in terms of their health. And we can do it. We can change. I think the American people kind of like blinders have been taken off and they've seen people that they're always saw but never understood how consequential they were before never understood. Just how important that person's stacked on the shelf and a grocery store is just how important that person driving. That mail truck is just how important that person is who walks into the hospital and is behind you to after they've rescued you. I mean it's just I pray to God. This is one of those moments where we move beyond where we were not just back to where we were. Anyway you're helping..

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