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Whenever you want to feel like dancing director that I'll be too busy watching Friends reruns now that I'm such a big rumor floors, But I I will maybe check in with you or any time you guys feel like you want to check in I'm going to be in recuperation most after my surgery next Wednesday, So my getting my shoulder repaired. So thank God. It wasn't my pitching shoulder, though that was close. So you'll be back here will rehab you with that? Alright. Thank you. He is awesome. There is John Miller. Quite a compliment with a guy that's been phaser underway fast. You have the first two hours did he looks good? Looks good. Ah, one won when the other one between the Astros and the Twins. No score. Miami's got a runner on third, though, with two out in the fourth against Kyle Hendricks. We'll let you know how that one goes. We'll keep you up to date on everything. Bottom. The R will flip it a little bit. Dennis Brown is going to join us and he grounds out to first base for the Cubs. Get out of it. Dennis Brown is going to join us. Great piece by David Lombardi in the athletic today talking about, of course. The Niners and the Cowboys going at it. Dennis is not only quoted in there, but there's a great picture in the story of him tracking down and it's Smith. So it's very cool. Talk to Dennis about that, and, of course. Looking back the one over the Giants and looking ahead to the Eagles will do all that coming up. Next on Lee here on the sports Later, thesis is Papa and Lund live on FM feces KNBR 1045 and 6 80, these sports leader. Chilton Auto body traffic.

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