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Yes. Fell bad. But I got twelve cats at home home home. The little old lady who won't go to sniff. That was dumb and the more. We try to make it work the less. Happy were another. We may come back to it. But yeah. So sometimes we fail. But ain't the way to diet just kind of started. That's that's and the more. We realized we got the sense of you know, that sense of moral elevations. You get in your chest where you feel something hit. And it raises you in this way where you feel it expand. It sounds very woo. But it's a real human sensation. John height and others have talked about the sense of moral elevations. I've done something here. I've tapped into some ethos that will help people and recording song like that is done in one day. It depends. So that one we did over a couple of days. I went to Devon's studio, actually, and we just kept banging out. And he would coach me sit there in the engineer space and be like, you know, that's I'm not feeling anything with that tribe. Maybe this way. And then we'll do like thirty takes only. And then he'll be like, that's it. I got goosebumps. That's that's it. Right. How how does one do that? Like if you said to me, can you repeat something six times. Like, I wouldn't. I this is the thing. That's always amazed me about acting. I don't think I've appreciated as much about singing. But you know, if you've ever been on a set to actually watch a movie being made, and there's like alien. Actors there, whichever the privilege of doing once or twice. I'm amazed that first of all an entire day of shooting produces sixty to ninety seconds worth of a movie. That's how many times things are being done over and over and over again. And it's to watch the actors and actresses show up with the same level of emotion, the same emphasis correcting may be whatever the director says to correct, I'm like, well that another great reason why I could never have done that for a living, and these are professionals that are really good at that. Now, see I'm an untrained amateur. I let call myself a pro-am as you You know. know, it's one of those things get paid a little bit here. And there ads and stuff. But really, I'm just you know, it's for the love the game with the truth is it's a craft for me the finished product matters. So deeply to me that I cannot put out a stinky piece of shit. I've done it and regretted it and something that put us. I think is good in retrospect, I think it's crap. Sometimes it's crap. And it turns out in great. But anyway, I was one of the things I can't fuck this up. So you do in twenty thirty takes and you'll see they're all sitting there in logic. That's the program we use you just take and what we'll do then is will comp sometimes we'll say, let's take the best of this. First verse best of that. And some people think that's cheating. That's how most people do it. Now, I didn't realize that would be thought of as cheating. So some of the purest in the old school musicians say, well, no, you just gotta go on and sing it live. And that's how you do it. But that's not how anybody doesn't now because you are trying to produce the best piece of art, you can and what's fascinating actually Peter's again, I'm not a trained musician. I don't sing wrap something that I had to figure out ice to be really bad in. Devon would tell me you really suck. Like it takes. Thirty takes just to get it to sound good. Have you thought about taking voice lessons? And I'm like don't insult me. What's a what you can't train voice? That's bullshit. You have to stupid. And then I went and got voice lessons just few lessons, and these CDs I kept doing and the thing man, the voice like anything a performance instruments muscle and the vocal cords get stronger. You control gets better your breath control gets better the way you breathe for for singing his so different than the way. You would normally talk or anything and that helps when you do speaking because you don't get horse you warm up. Right. You project better. I'm a tiny little person who can project his damn voice to also as a you you come from the lineage of the greatest singer of all time..

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