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So and then myself was like you so bankable those she so bendable us like, you know, what? And then people got I got known for it in business. So is worth it. Go powerhouse, pigtails, tease me. You know? Oh, the girl in pigtails. And it made me different. It made me stand out. If I walked into a room. I was very recognized the buzz like, you know, what it works on me. And I wanna hair, you know, everyone always said that she had like three has in pigtails. It works. You know, I love how long have you been racking the pigtails now, I'm old. So like thirty years, I've got a heavy of twenty nine. Yeah. Dave people see me in it. So as a little girl took a break for awhile went back to it. I think it's awesome. Any sense? It does. And I do different here social time. I do the highpoint of the pigtails had a baby they turned into a pony that conjoined. I do that. Sometimes I'm powerhouse in a poof, I'd like to change my I'd like to change my hair, I do consistently. So where Picton it's nice to have a consistent. Look that. You are happy with. Yes. It's nice and easy. It's so easy thirty two uniform its uniform and it works, but I like to do all different looks. I'm I'm a little chameleon. I'm always in costume. You are when you guys from the reunion giant. I'm not sure. Do you know what you're gonna wear yet? No. But you go about taking the process is there's always like a little theme to the reunion. And I always liked to do something dramatic. I feel like I've been to Hollywood vibe new and my head. Just like vintage Hollywood into the margin of definitely got. So Emily realize yes in real life. So I always feel like I'm going with the vintage Hollywood book last year. I wore green. So I probably will not wear green this year. I'm not going to be beat a charge. Go like some people Giovanni for you. I'm going to say no because Giovanni does have some beautiful Giovanni to her to get really took over to the showroom. Okay. Well, I try to anti the toast is a springboard if you want something you've receive. That's your destiny I would like Giovanni invitation to showroom. You could go. I'm sure. Got a lot of weddings coming up. Yeah. I go up to Toronto which Toronto gives me a lot addresses. Also shifting you could. Yeah, I'm sure you could go right up to Toronto. I could I could set that up in two seconds. But I so I will be wearing something I would like to wear. I'm just thinking out the right now. Michael costello. Yes. I like I'd like to wear something big arm. Okay. So because I think that could be very traumatic yet. Like this law, initially like wax somebody in the head. But I like long I like a long slowdown down. I'm always very long. I don't have the good looks a little same same same here here. I know he was like, but you know, if you have the put them, we're okay. Yeah. It's all the matters. And we do by the way. I love you. Margaret says we know we ran over and that you have a million things to do. So we can't thank you enough for stopping by. Girls. Let me let I mean just separate girls are so successful. So fabulous thing should emulate. The two of these girls because they're amazing and everyone keep up with March where they probably want Instagram after real Margaret, Margaret Justice Instagram at the MacBeth collection. Oh, my dog the real Bella Bennett now, and it'll be it's kind of a play date. Yes. We have to set up a joint play one hundred percent..

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