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In that section. Dan Ryan in from 95th is a 15 minute ride. Outbound is 22 that is traffic from the W S. A. M 8 90 traffics in balance. Hey, guys. It's ball a little bit here in the Chicago Poeple report. I'm thinking by an apparent they are kind of useful in the narcotic world. There's a lookout bird. That's what they did appear would say, Ma, La police parents did not say award remaining in total silence. Even his law enforcement sought to loosen it up. Loosen up apparent from the restaurant. You will be on the menu tomorrow. Call you rooster reports were all crime. All the corruption Saturday nights at 10 Sunday mornings at eight on a 90 W L. Yes. Man. We've had enough of these jack holes with no facts. Chris plans. It's a cover story it be as rush when there is a national sewer, and it's where everybody goes to try to be a journalist. Shapiro until man getting very angry people watching My Republican to be muddy the waters. They win the right side of conversation. Quite frankly, they're gonna win anyone. 8 90. W L s Coming up on the bill and Wendy show when he sees her first subtitled movie in 35 Years, Bill is dull, whipped into submission and find out about a service horse aboard a flight to California was everyone in stable condition? That make you proud or embarrassed? Kind of both.

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