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Di Hardy in the Gulf Coast windows dot com 24 hour traffic center. From R K t R H Top tax defenders. 24 hour Weather Center time to chicken. With meteorologist Terry Smith. All right. Looks like we're going to heat up into the mid nineties is this week progresses, Terry? Oh, yeah. It is going to be a hot, humid week around here. I think today's temperatures will be held down. Ever so slightly by the fact that the clouds air very prevalent today. In fact, don't be surprised if you see a Sprinkle or two out there this morning. I've seen some tiny little showers. I think they'll be gone, though for the rest of the day just clouds. And ah, rather warm, muggy day operators toe low nineties today, But as high pressure gets stronger, we'll see more sunshine and we'll feel more heat temperatures in the upper eighties to mid nineties tomorrow Thursday. Even into Friday. That is we head into the weekend that humidity continues to increase and we could get some raid both Saturday and Sunday. Right now we have a temperature of Let me double check this 81 at your officials. Severe weather station news Radio 7 40 Katie our age, Houston. Sounds good everywhere. OK, Google play H and I heart radio. This report is sponsored by lm rants dot com Element voted construction equipment like nobody's business, because it's our business. Our couple toe orange fleet includes combo tractors, loaders, excavators and skid steers short term long term Go orange, Gocha Botha and get at it. Lm rants dot com This is what's happening. Obama care. Donald Trump's senseless crusade against health coverage get the latest Democrats saying defund the police, another.

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