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On CBS sports radio it's not comparable there is nobody in the whole world well I've got four hours to chat about everything going on in the world of sports Bobby listen here's Jodie Mac so they get together here on CBS sports radio hopefully you're all hang in talk I I would love to say hopefully you're all well but with what we're dealing with in this country and have been for sneaking up on a month now think about it I will say for me today is corona interrupted state twenty four everybody's got their different time lines that they use for me it was the day that they shut down the NBA and immediately thereafter NHL and MLB eight I'm a sports guy this is CBS sports radio thank you for doing it by the way George back in with you that's kind of the day that I D. mark I did go to work again that weekend my first day of working from home was the day before St Patrick's day Monday March sixteenth so it all depends on where you want to say we really got hit upside the head by this corona virus you could market at several different points in our most recent past but the past is clinging to us right now nine dragging us down and making it difficult for us in our day to day lives and I applaud all of you out there who are doing the right thing I pray for all of you out there who have anyone who has been infected certainly the casualties that we felt as a country and a society are are the most cutting but even if you've just had someone who tested positive it had to go to a hospital or at the even self quarantine just the fact that you worry about that just to the fact that your not shorted self quarantine is going to be enough for them to get over this coronavirus as we continue to try and fight it and find an answer to it above and beyond just social distancing we know all our top medical minds all the top medical minds in the world are working on this right now this is not a United States problem this is a global problem so we know all the best people are doing what they can to try and get a solution to the epidemic to pandemic the virus that we are facing off against and I do my one show a week good chance talk to you all of you across the country we appreciate what do you tune it in on one of your great affiliates whether you're listening on our H. series XM channel if you are listening on the radio dot com app you stream the show have you maybe tune tonight thank you and I'm pulling for you and I'm praying for you and I'm hoping for yeah and I hope you're doing the same a one else out there because we're in this together if we're not in this together it's just going to prolong the agony and I don't know anybody who wants that and anyone who says they know someone who wants that I just pray that you are wrong please be wrong this is the toughest time that I've ever been through and oh by the way I was in New York City on the day the planes crashed into the twin towers I was working for our New York complete WFAN you part a lot of the WFAN people over the last several hours here at CBS sports radio some which I was working with at the time some of which have come on to the station after what transpired on nine elevenths the way that I drove to the station which at the time with that in queens now where WFAN and CBS sports radio is located it's mere blocks from the twin towers D. now single tower I often times when I have commuting issues with one of the lines to come in on path in new York's transportation system I will walk down to the east side of the old twin towers B. Google walk as a matter of fact it's nice to get a little exercise inspect wani twenty blocks eighteen block something like that not all of them along a couple of long couple more pretty short it's a matter of fact I am sure you should call a blocks but it is a good reminder of what we went through hello that tragedy years ago and my way into work at that point when we were out in queens right into where we are and may not not far from the side of the twin towers now is I used to drive through Brooklyn and there is one point where lower Manhattan where the Brooklyn Bridge Manhattan bridge across sober as you're coming up the Brooklyn queens expressway before you get to those two bridges you're basically a couple of hundred yards across the East River from the where the twin towers used to stand aside lived that day and that was as bad as it ever was worse than anything we're going through today I because this is something that is intermediate it's happened out over time it takes longer lasting time but it wasn't as horrific and tragic as that day so yes because I was in New York on the day of the nine eleven attacks that's certainly a day I'm never going to forget but again it was something that can't we dealt with we were able to come to grips with weak cold days we needed to cope and then we attempted to get on with our lives we can't even do that right now we can't get on with our lives we just have to stay in isolation and hopefully we can limit the amount of pain and suffering that people are going through when it's making you crazy when you're going not to hang around the house when you realize the things that you're missing out on and not being able to accomplish the price that you may be paying because all my it is have an effect on our country on people's lives above and beyond just whether you do or don't have the corona virus where you do or don't know someone who has the corona virus what do you have or haven't lost someone because of the corona virus because it's affecting us all because in trying to beat back this virus were all doing the right thing or most of us are and practicing propers social distancing and isolation and not taking risks not only for ourselves let's be very honest here folks most of us are doing this because it's what's best for us that's kind of the way of the world you gotta take care number one and number one can be yourself and your immediate family and should be but by doing the right thing you are helping others you are making it easier for other people to stay away to not pass it on to you you not pass it on to them you you are mostly yes protecting yourself and your family but every day that you stay home you put you don't know that you're not protecting someone else as well that you might not somehow become a carrier and then pass it on to someone else so I continued to praise you for your vigilance and continue to ask for your vigilance as all our leaders are these days I'm just your goofy buddy on the radio but it doesn't mean that I can't get one right every once in a while you know the expression a blind squirrel finds a nut in the woods every once in awhile if that's me at and you're a fan of the show and yet you know that I come on to entertain you for a couple hours each and every single week I'm glad and thank you continue to tune in and continue to I know this thing pay very close attention yeah I get stuff wrong all the time and we're gonna get into sports because this is CBS sports radio and I've been off for the last four days and I'm dying to talk about sports with you because I have my own opinions I run some of it by my daughter nine she's a pretty good sports fan I gotta give her props my wife doesn't care which one and believe me when I tell you I know my wife she is more concerned with us with the world with the virus if I asked my wife what she thought about the NFL draft going on in two and a half weeks from now if you look at me like I had three heads out when when I converted my wife we converse about other things other than sports I miss it I'm not doing as much as I usually do and I'm going to ask you to hop on my telephone lines at some point and shoot the breeze with me but it will be another combination show it's not easy I'll apologize to those who don't think I balance it well enough I either talk more about the tragedy that we're going through and what we have to do to continue to try and cope with hold that's not that far in the distant future we're going to be able to say we beat back the virus I'll apologize in advance because it's an imperfect science I haven't gotten any memos or emails from any of my bosses at the or varying outlets and I work at here's what we consider the perfect perfect balance we'd like to see you talk thirty three percent of your show about what we're doing as a society as a people continue to do the right to and sixty six percent sports because we aren't sports radio stations because dot that's why I work for all sports radio stations or fifty fifty or forty sixty I don't know they've given us leeway to try and balance it as best we can I thank them for putting their faith in me to do that I wish I knew the exact perfect answer I don't so we're gonna make it up as we go along again here tonight for the next two plus hours I do think it's good that we have sports as an escape it's not as detailed as it usually is as it could be right now we would be getting ready for an NCAA championship game tomorrow night that of course is not happening baseball would be a full week underway that isn't happening the N. B. A. N. A. N. D. B. E. R. NHL playoffs would be just getting underway that's not happening so we're missing out at least as per the calendar on a lot of great sports next week is the message you know I'm a bit of a golf geek all right not that I can play but I'd love to follow it have insight as to how the best guide to going and playing and what could make a difference on a given week in a given toward right now not happening.

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