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You know exactly what test light because of what we've been through in this part of the country scott decker it was on marco island he's a resident they are morkel islet boys cheers pounded by arm they got tremendous storm served all the boat our or or elevated on february heat are now betting on a water hold author line all the gawker gone faith quoted out but we do have that at level surge that were predicted a v eight nine ten perc and it's really not over because now jacksonville florida is experiencing a problem with the st john river overflowing and i think this is going to be the biggest flooding jacksonville since nineteen 64 jeff floor cbs news correspondent some of the heaviest rain fifteen inches since the storm began has fallen in jacksonville more than one hundred miles east of hurmuz center the st john river which runs through the city is overflowing now and president trump said that we are very well coordinated to handle what needs to be handled every group this coordinated really well let me the bad news is that this is some big monster but i think we're very well coen and the press it also said that this is a time that we pull together when americans are indeed americans pulled together and we are one country and when we face hardship we emerged closer stronger and more determined than ever and i think that's true whether it's today september the eleventh and what followed then or its after hurricane erma or harvey we're very divided as a country and i think about sixteen years ago today when america was attacked you know.

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