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Evening. Friend radio's outstanding theatre of thrill. Suspense starring somebody. You wouldn't expect to hear on suspense jack. Benny from sixty seven years ago. January nine hundred fifty four. The face is familiar. And you have to understand. Elliott lewis was producing suspense at this point in time and he had the opportunity to bring jack many million. Those connections were still there. We thank you for tuning in on this monday. Eighteen th day of january three hundred forty seven days remaining until we get to twenty twenty two james cook. I known european discovered the hawaiian islands on this date. In seventeen seventy eight at that point in time they were named the sandwich islands the first seven hundred thirty seven convicts banished from england to australia landed in botany bay on this date. In seventeen seventy seventy eight rather creating the first australian penal colony georgia joined south carolina florida mississippi and alabama in seceding from the. Us on this date in eighteen sixty one and eighteen thousand nine hundred sixty x ray machine exhibited for the first time president. Teddy roosevelt sent a message of greeting from a marconi station built near well field massachusetts to king edward the seventh of the uk on this date in one thousand nine hundred three it marked the first transatlantic radio transmission originating in the us. Eugene b ely landed on the deck of the us pennsylvania on this date in one thousand nine hundred seven first time in aircraft landed on a ship. Woodrow wilson president declared delivered his fourteen points speech in front of congress on this date in one thousand nine hundred. Eighteen bentley motors limited founded in nineteen nineteen. The metropolitan opera house hosted a jazz concert. For the first time performers larmer. Benny goodman lionel hampton. Artie shaw roy. Eldridge and jack tea garden. Will you re the first african american national hockey league player made his. Nhl debut for the boston bruins back in nineteen fifty eight plans revealed on this date in one thousand nine hundred sixty four for the world trade center but beatles appeared on the billboard magazine charts for the first time on this date in one thousand nine hundred sixty four and in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven albert desalvo the boston strangler convicted of numerous crimes sentenced to life in prison on this date in one thousand. Nine hundred seventy seven. Scientists identified a previously unknown bacterium as the cause of legionnaires disease. The international olympic committee restore thorpe's olympic medals to his family in one thousand nine hundred eighty three and in one thousand nine hundred and former preschool operators raymond buckley and his mother piggy mcmartin buckley quitted the los angeles california court of fifty two child molestation charges washington dc mayor marion berry arrested for drug possession. Fbi sting in nineteen ninety eastern airlines ending operations on this date in one thousand nine hundred ninety one after sixty two years financial problems but the first time on this date in nineteen ninety-three martin luther king junior holiday officially observed in all fifty united states passing away on this date in history president. John tyler president number. Ten a writer rudyard kipling curly howard very funny with the three stooges actor sydney greenstreet as we've told Many times on this program about sydney greenstreet. Numerous health issues ended his career. Basically following the broadcast that you heard a him portraying nero wolfe on the radio. Edward far hat. The original chic passing away on this date in two thousand and three. The father of maria shriver the ambassador. France and politician diplomat. Sargent shriver passing away on this date. Singer-songwriter glenn fry and coloratura soprano roberta peters passing away on this date in history. This is the birth date of statesman. Daniel webster author a a milne. The man behind what is winnie. The pooh that's who it is. Oh carey grant born on this state. As was oliver hardy not only friends. But i noticed when i spoke to stand personally In the cabin before and after the interview. I did with him whenever he talked a refers to your call. You oliver orrin hatch your to him. And that i think typifies your relationship and friendship. By the way that i got the name of bay that was years and years ago and i have my fresh shave. So they baba enemy judge the diamond. Campari go right baby. You're nine thousand. Nine hundred fifty interview with oliver hardy oliver hardy born on this date in history. We lost him in one thousand nine hundred fifty seven also born on this date in history. Baseball's curt flood temptation singer. David ruffin and danny kaye. I had never heard a sword in my hand in my whole life and when we decided to do this this film they said well. Let's get a fencing instructor and find out you know. Teach out fence well for about a week. I never had a sword in my hand but they had a wall and a two by four and i would practice lunging by four. Yeah there was the war. There was a wall and they put a two by four. And you had to stay in it now if you lunged and bet your back who would be thrown off balance so you have to learn to lunge with a straight back and for a week. I never had a sort of my hand and then finally came in one day and we had a foil and we were practising routines before and we were doing that for about a week or more and one day he came in and he put a sword. My hand and i knew instantly it was my weapon it was a sabre nineteen seventy-one interview with danny kaye. Danny kaye born on this date in history man behind honey and so much fun. Music in the late sixties early seventies. bobby goldsboro eight years of age today. The million dollar man. Although we had a great wrestling career before he became the million dollar. Man ted diaz sixty seven years old today actor kevin costner sixty six. The thompson twins. Tom bailey is sixty five writer. Comedian dave attell is fifty six wrestler actor. Dave batista spent two years old from how i met your mother and freaks and geeks. Jason segel forty-one from hannah montana and cheaper by the dozen. Morgan york is twenty eight. Those to the people who celebrate the eighteenth day of january is their birthday. If this happens to be your birthday hi four freshmen. And we just want to say how january eighteenth nineteen fifty four jack. Benny on an episode of suspense. The faces familiar on this monday edition of classic radio theater. This is charles. Osgood we all know. Because we've been told her over how important it is to eat. 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