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Student who was yelling the anti-muslim slurs has been charged the student who got beat up and a third who filmed the incident of all then suspended, President Trump reportedly had a plan to get political payback against Democrats. He wanted it's illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities. Learn that the Trump administration last fall began considering a plan to punish political rivals by transferring migrants detained at the southern border into sanctuary cities some governed by Democrats who oppose the president's immigration policies. The proposal was first reported by the Washington Post and confirmed to ABC by senior government officials one White House official called this a suggestion that was fluted and rejected. But a senior homeland security official tells ABC that the president himself raised this idea directly with then secretary Kirsten Neilsen, that's correspondent Karen Travers. Another guilty plea in the college, admissions cheating scandal, Mark rebel, a man who took tests for some students will be in a Boston courtroom today to enter plea. He was once touted for his tutoring prowess and skills on a Harvard tennis team, but this morning, Mark ridell is gearing up for a match at a much different court federal court as he plans to plead guilty to mail fraud and money laundering charges for his involvement as the go-to standard. Is test taker in the varsity blues scandal correspondent Linsey Davis. Sentencing day for New Jersey man involved in a gofundme scam. Johnny Bobbitt worked with a couple to create a bogus story where baba gave the couple twenty dollars for gas. The viral story raised thousands of dollars which was then spent on designer bags vacations and a luxury car. A New Jersey man is facing a number of charges after being accused of sexually assaulting a waitress at his own wedding reception. Matthew Amer's walked into a bucks county courtroom with his new wife holding his hand. A judge upheld assault indecent exposure and other charges against the willing borough jersey man Amer's was taken away in handcuffs from his own wedding reception. This was in the northern Philly suburb of rich burrow back in November. He's accused of forcing himself on a teen waitress in a bathroom stall is attorney says he's innocent and his wife fully supports them. I'm Scott Pringle for seven ten W. O R Muller report could be handed over to congress at any moment testifying before congress earlier in the week, the attorney general William bars redacted. Version would be ready within a week. Democrats still demanding the full unredacted version and the number of people in New Jersey with autism continues to grow the state has the highest autism rate in the country..

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