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At school is it. Doesn't risk attached to this stuff. I'm honest about it. You know as as as someone who practices photo pace. I sometimes people listen doug to self absorbed that way lies madness. Well that's what was fascinating this article by catherine andrews was. She said her her feeling. Was that therapy. Had kept her too much in her head to intellectualize. Now greenwich i think. She said she'd gone for ten years. While put to me is a long time to go to therapy. But yeah so. She felt that it had everything had become very intellectualized but as she was moving to coaching she was moving more into her heart and living from her heart. And i would say that's definitely the path i'm on. Which is i want to make the journey. More from my head to my heart. It's better down there at least for me. Maybe you know me when ahead head chief things that spring to mind one is like the eternal baffled between in selecting will head in hawks. Maybe it's about balance my My mum's late father very cool man. He was a doctor of divinity philosophy he suffered under the nazi regime. He had a child in his made. Full t so quite late in life for seventy years ago. I remember one time. He said to me i was probably six because he paw off when i was eight and i was very pensive. And he sates li a brac. You need to make a decision. Contented pig discontented professor. Which one are you on. The content was the one who would live in the present and be really happy rolling around in muck and that was the year old boy. I showed the picture of your time. We jotted and then got the discontented professor who worries about stuff finish. He's everybody i k and the world the weight she's on my shoulders and although that was his perspective so i value and respect it. I think it's not only the load. Isn't binary now here a little yang and yang there. I'm so maybe from a from a balanced point-of-view between heaven hung. If we're too stuck in our head we need to find the path to a hot. Yes if against how we might need to find the path up the other way a knowing wind us which one are are are the balance between both yes and and you know if she was me for this already given away agenda and she will give the same amounts of contemplation insult to buying a painting. It's an antiques. Said that costs twenty dollars as she would to buying a house and it's just too much so we would go to like on keep fat that she would stumble across this print kits and forty five minutes later. I am so bored because she's still deciding whether or not to buy. It's three dollars if you don't like it. Give it to charge you shop. Do you have to give the same intensity simply because she sewing ahead. When i trust my heart i really look at is pretty clingy. Whatever it is by. If i've wasted my three daughters sake up broad could there be values operating there too though no doubts. I'm relating to her her way of being. But do we need to michael. Do i need to spend the same intention.

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